DIY Christmas garlands from evergreen plants – fresh accents in the home

by Kremy

DIY Christmas garlands from evergreen plants homemade decorations

We selected some of the most festive DIY Christmas garlands from evergreens ideas and all the magnificent decoration that you will see on the photos is ecological, natural without any acidic compounds or unnatural colors. Christmas wreaths and garlands from evergreen plants in the interior create the feeling that you are in a winter forest where you can smell the pine and spruce, fir and thuja. What could be more real for a magical Christmas!

The wonderful aroma of pine needles is associated with the winter holidays. May be this is just one of the reasons for the return of live Christmas trees and the growing trend for festive decorations made of natural materials. It is true – bringing into the house a piece of winter nature creates a really special atmosphere. Garlands are one of the main elements of the decoration coming right after the Christmas tree and the front door wreath. Yes, there are thousands of craft ideas using the most diverse materials – from ordinary paper to spruce cones, but we would like to focus your attention on the charm of evergreens!


DIY Christmas garlands from evergreen plants – how to use coniferous branches for your home decor

how to make evergreen garland for christmas


DIY Christmas garlands from evergreen plants can be used to decorate everything – doors and windows both outside and inside the house, walls, wall shelves, staircase banisters or fireplace mantel. You can even use a garland as a centerpiece on the Christmas table.

To make a garland you will need a few twigs of coniferous trees – spruce, pine, thuja or fir. Add some Christmas toys or Christmas decorations, ribbons, natural materials – cones or branches with winter berries as embellishments and you will have a unique decoration. You can keep to the main color palette of the holiday décor or add accent colors – for example, if you have chosen a traditional red and green color theme, add some white, silver or gold accents for extra holiday shine.


DIY Christmas garlands from evergreen plants – step by step tutorial


how to make fresh christmas garland evergreen branches

You can find numerous DIY Christmas garlands ideas with evergreen plants. Some methods will require only a few minutes, and others – a couple of hours.

You will need an assortment of fresh twigs, flower wire, scissors for cutting it, as well as a cord or similar dense string.

  1. Collect the green branches. They can be pine, fir or any other variety. If there is a Christmas tree market near your house then, for sure, there will be leftover branches. To add a color accent, you can take leaves of holly, as well as berries. If you are planning to cut off branches from trees, make sure you do it right. Do not chop the spruce in your garden too much, try to take the branches that touch the ground.
  2. First, tie a loop on the base of the string. Then, using a flower wire, attach the first branch to the rope. Attach the branch along the rope and wrap the string two or three times around the branch until you are sure that it is fastened.
  3. Lay the second branch so that it is slightly overlapping the first one, fastening everything with a floral wire. Continue adding greens along the string until your garland reaches the desired length.
  4. Leave a little rope at each end of the garland which will allow you to fasten the garland on the stairs or walls. Check to see if there are bare sections on your garland and fix them, if needed. Add embellishments and your festive garland is ready!



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