Christmas decoration ideas – pastel colors for the festive decor

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christmas decoration ideas in pastel colors shabby chic vintage christmas decor

Christmas decoration ideas come in a plethora of color schemes and styles, stylistic decisions and every year we see new and original solutions setting fashionable trends. You can combine traditional elements and unusual details to achieve an impressive decor with a touch of glamor, you can use natural materials for rustic Christmas decor and an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

christmas decoration ideas pastel colors christmas ornaments


Choosing the decoration style will set the tone of the whole concept and will determine the color palette for your Christmas decoration. You can choose from many styles – European style, primitive style, Vintage style, modern decoration, Scandinavian style, Shabby chic, Provence, etc. We will show you amazing Christmas decoration ideas in pastel colors which look incredibly romantic and will make your home look classy and elegant.

Christmas decoration ideas in pastel colors – choosing the basic color theme

christmas decoration ideas pastel colors holiday decoration ideas

Christmas is really a magical time when adults can feel again like children, and the children can plunge into a fairy tale. Everyone loves Christmas not only for gifts, but for the period of preparation for the feast – the decoration for the holiday, the plans, the time with the family and the festive dinner. Christmas decoration ideas in pastel colors fill the room with freshness, sweetness and romance. To some people, a decoration in pastel colors may seem like too feminine, too childish, but this is a great choice when you are a fan of vintage Christmas decors, the Shabby Chic style or the Provence style. The delicate pastel shades are a great idea to decorate the bedroom of your girl and any small room, as they will not make the space look smaller. Decoration in pastel colors easily works with glittering silver, gold and white and you can add a touch of modern shine to your vintage styled decor.

 ideas kids room decor

Like with any other decoration concept, balance is the key word. Choosing a main color – whether pink, white, blue, turquoise, purple – means that you will set a main color palette. Choose two complimentary colors and make sure you do not overdo the decoration, otherwise it may look kitschy or even distasteful. An exception is if you decorate a child’s room, as kids love colors and in a Candy land Christmas decor you can combine multiple colors. However, keeping to a main color palette and complementary shades is always better. You may think that this would limit your options, but here are just a few combinations that you may use – combine pastel pink with white and silver, two shades of purple will work beautifully with both gold and silver, blue and turquoise work harmoniously with white and silver, you can mix pastel pink and blue with white, so you see – there are many options.

Christmas decoration ideas in pastel colors – stylish decor ideas

christmas decoration ideas pastel colors white christmas tree

We selected some fantastic Christmas decoration ideas in pastel colors to show you how you can transform your home into a magical, fairy place for the holiday season. You can choose a real Christmas tree, a white artificial one or a tree as a centerpiece of your Christmas decor. Baubles are classic tree ornaments and if you have some of those amazing vintage ornaments – do not hesitate to use them. Those who are not that lucky can try and make the tree ornaments by themselves. You can use remnants of lace, textile with floral prints in pastel colors, white pearls, organza ribbons, etc.

ideas colors mantel decor stockings

Christmas stockings are the traditional decoration for the fireplace and you can buy or make personalized stockings in the colors that you chose – pink, blue, white. Add a garland or silver ornaments for more festive shine.

tabletop christmas trees craft

You can ask the children to make beautiful tabletop Christmas trees from paper in pastel colors. It is an easy and fun craft that only requires paper, scissors and glue. Decorate the trees with pearls, beads, rhinestones, silver stars or other embellishments.

shabby chic

Christmas decoration ideas in pastel colors for a festive dining table can be used to decorate the table for the festive dinner in a most spectacular way. Again it is a good idea to keep to your main color theme so that the overall decoration concept does not look mismatched. Christmas centerpieces in pastel colors can be made in a matter of minutes. You need some baubles or ornaments in different shapes and a large bowl. Place the ornaments in the bowl add pillar candles and you will have a beautiful arrangement. Candles of different height will add a warm glow to the table and will make the atmosphere even more romantic and festive.

christmas table blue white

For the Christmas dinner choose place mats in pastel colors and elegant dishware. Combine all the elements of the table decoration – centerpiece, napkins, napkin rings, place cards, chair decoration, individual decoration. Choose colors that work harmoniously together – blue, white and silver, pink, purple and gold – add candles, some fresh flowers, if you wish and your dining table will be absolutely stunning!

ideas christmas gift wrapping

Wrap your Christmas gifts in magnificent pastel colors to keep to the vintage look of your decoration concept. Wrap the gifts with white paper and decorate with lace, silk ribbons, doilies, salt dough cookies, etc.

christmas cookies gingerbread house

To make your decoration in pastel colors even more special, decorate your Christmas cookies in delicate pastel shades. What could be better than homemade holiday treats that have the most fascinating fairy look?

romantic christmas

Enjoy the gallery below and the magic of pastel shades and use them for the most fabulous Christmas decoration!

 blue silver

blue silver ornaments

table decoration

christmas dining table colors

decoration white pink

vintage holiday decor

vintage christmas

tabletop christmas tree

table centerpiece ideas

 pink santa tabletop christmas tree

ideas diy christmas wreath

 DIY Christmas mantel decoration

 diy decoration

 candy land christmas

cupcakes christmas treats

christmas cookies decor

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