Crystal nails – beautiful manicure ideas with glittering stones

by Kremy

Crystal nails come in a wide variety of designs and almost any nail salon offers magnificent nail designs with beautiful stones. Every woman wants to be irresistible and is trying to emphasize her beauty with makeup, stylish clothes and, of course, a beautiful manicure.

crystal nails ideas glamorous manicure designs

Today, nail technicians can offer a variety of creative solutions in the design of manicure and the options for decorating the nails with crystals. Some designs are made with artificial stones, others with Swarovski crystals or with a special gel which creates an effect of stones.

It should be noted that your nails need to be in perfect health when you want to decorate them with crystals and stones and it is necessary to pay attention to proper nourishment and treatment of nail plates.

What are the secrets of crystal nails?

crystal nail art pink stiletto nails


It doesn’t look like a difficult task to decorate your nails with stones. However, when you do crystal nails at home you need to have a clear idea for the design especially if you plan to apply small rhinestones. In addition, you need a lot of patience and a steady hand. Beginners may find out that applying a small crystal to the right place with the help of a toothpick without making a mistake is not that easy. In such cases, experts advise that you opt for a random pattern and place several stones randomly. This technique is much easier for beginners.

Keep in mind that when you want to apply crystals in different colors you need to combine the shades harmoniously both with the color of the base and with each other. If you do not feel confident, it is better to use transparent stones.

Avoid massive decorations. Crystal nails are a decoration, so they should not look vulgar.

How to do crystal nails at home?

nail art ideas with crystals and rhinestones

Here is a quick step by step tutorial how to do crystal nails at home. Once you have decided on the particular design, you will need:

  • A base color and a transparent lacquer;
  • Rhinestones;
  • Glue;
  • Toothpicks or tweezers;
  • Top coat.

how to apply swarovski crystals on nails

Before attaching the crystals, you need to treat your hands and do the usual preparation. Make sure to push the cuticles.

The base is made of two layers – first apply a clear lacquer, and after it has dried – the lacquer of the primary color. Sometimes the nails can be painted in more than one color.

The next step will depend on the size of the rhinestones chosen for manicure. Small crystals are attached to the dry base lacquer. It will be very convenient if you put the crystals on a white sheet of paper and take them with a toothpick dipped in water or clear varnish.

For attaching medium-sized rhinestones, after the base dries completely, you need to make droplets of clear varnish on the exact location of the crystal. It is better to use tweezers to take the stones and put them on the droplet of clear lacquer. Once they are position, lightly press the stone to fix it.

Large crystals can be held only with the help of a special glue which must be very carefully applied on the fingernail.

After placing and fixing the rhinestones on the nail plate, apply a top layer of transparent lacquer and your crystal nails are ready!

swarovski nail art crystals french manicure ideas

wedding nail design ideas with crystals oval shape

Swarovski crystals nail design ideas

swarovski crystal nails ideas nude nail art

rhinestone nail designs blue lacqer

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holiday nail designs with crystals

french nail art with crystals moon nail ideas

elegant nail design ideas with small crystals

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