Shaved hairstyles for women – trendy haircut options for the bold

by Kremy

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Shaved hairstyles for women are the choice of bold and brave natures who constantly want to be in the light, and honestly, this is the ideal way to stand out. Every year there are many ideas to improve the appearance of a woman and shaved temples are no longer considered as a label of the punk culture. These bold, creative haircuts first appeared on the fashion podiums and gradually became popular thanks to celebrities and Hollywood stars. Women from all over the world began to shave their hair, paint the shaved parts in different colors and even place tattoos on the shaved parts of their heads.

Of course, not every woman will choose such a huge change of the image, some real courage and determination are needed. If the haircut describes the personality and perfectly illustrates your emotional state and attitude to the world around you it is important to weigh the pros and cons of these hairstyles.

What are the advantages of shaved hairstyles for women?

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As we said, you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of shaved hairstyles for women because this is a haircut that is not suitable for every girl and every age. On the first place, you need to realize that with such a hairstyle you obviously will stand out from the rest of the people. If you are ready to that, then you will enjoy a number of advantages:

This haircut will emphasizes the neck line which is considered to be one of the most sexual parts of the woman’s body.

Your haircut will not require serious care, as it does not need to be constantly maintained. You do not have to pay frequent visits to the beauty salon, as it is easy to maintain an easy and practical styling and the original form at home with a clipper or razor.

This is a daring and stylish haircut which will suit any form of face and is easily combined with most outfits. In addition, long earrings will look gorgeous with your new hair style.

This fashionable and original hairstyle characterizes you as a confident person. You can add intricate patterns to the shaved part of the head.


What are the disadvantages of shaved hairstyles for women?


asymmetrical haircuts with shaved side for women

Before you go to a salon and have part of your hair shaved, you need to weigh the disadvantages shaved hairstyles for women.

Your overall image may be associated with some kind of aggression and eccentricity. Yes, you will stand out from the crowd, but along with this you will receive criticism from both strangers and close people so you need to be ready for this.

It takes a long time for the hair to grow and if you get bored from your fashionable and avant-garde hairstyle it will be a difficult task.

A shaved hairstyle is not always welcome and in compliance with corporate dress codes and requirements. It is one thing if you are a person with a creative profession and quite another, if you work in an office or as a teacher. You need to realize that there may be some negative attitude toward your choice of hairstyle.

However, if you have decided to opt for a shaved hairstyle, look at the photos in the gallery and choose your haircut!



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short curly hairstyles with shaved sides

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