Homeschool room ideas – how to set up a workspace for your kids?

by Kremy

After schools were closed due to the global COVID pandemic and all students attended classes from home, there is a great uncertainty whether children will return to the classrooms this year. Homeschool room ideas will come to help all parents who are preparing for such a situation. Even if schools reopen, the possibility for distant learning at any time of the school year remains and many parents want to be prepared. Whether you are teaching your child from home yourself or just want to design a room in which your children can study and do their homework undisturbed, we have a few tips for you to help you do that set up the perfect homeschool room.

Homeschool room organization – where is the best place to set it up?

Homeschool room ideas how to set up an effective workspace for your kids

All those who have been interested in the subject have surely looked at many amazing homeschool room ideas. Such rooms look posh and polished, with catalog-like desks, chairs, alphabet, math and science posters and storage furniture for books, textbooks and craft materials. If you have enough rooms or a playroom (guest bedroom), there is no problem to convert it into a homeschool room but if you are on a budget and with limited space, what is the best option to provide a study spot for your children? What are your options? A smaller area in the living room can be redesigned, the breakfast nook in the kitchen can be also transformed into a “classroom”, the kitchen island, the dining table – all these can be adjusted to meet the needs of distant learning. Of course, it is also important for how many children your homeschool room is intended. Most children’s rooms have a desk and a chair so it will not be difficult at all to arrange all that the kids need for their lessons.

Remote learning is a new reality and many families are adjusting to it. Convenience and functionality are the main criteria for any homeschool room. There is no need to create a classroom, just a dedicated space where the child can work or as specialists will say “a functional learning station”.

L shaped desk in homeschool room


The first thing to consider when choosing a work area for the child is a quiet space with access to natural light. It is desirable that the child study near the window. Daylight should fall on the work surface in front of the student or to the left of him. Usually, the classes are in the first half of the day, so if possible, avoid a sunny room because children feel hot and get distracted. Do not forget to provide additional lighting for the evening – a table lamp, a pendant lamp or a floor lamp. They should illuminate the desk without shadow and should not shine in the child’s eyes. Let’s see how to design a homeschool learning station.

Table and chairs

how to choose a desk and chair for kids rooms

The most important pieces of furniture for any student are the desk and the chair. Yes, we said that children can use the table in the dining room, in the kitchen, etc. Desks are a great option as they provide large space and older children can use the surface to spread books and textbooks as well as notepads, stationery, etc. A desk with drawers is particularly useful when you have little space, because it offers storage space for notebooks, pens and other things. If you set up a homeschool room for more than one child, an L-shaped desk is ideal as it can accommodate two children. In addition, L-shaped desks are space saving and you will be able to add other furniture pieces for storage.

Take a responsible approach to the choice of a chair. It is especially important that t children can sit comfortably during classes as they need to concentrate, learn and work well. Choose a chair that is suitable for the child’s size. His legs should reach the floor and bend at an angle of 90 degrees.

Storage furniture, shelves and bookcases for your homeschool room

homeschool room ideas desk organizers and wall decor

Cabinets, shelves, drawers, bookcases and textile storage boxes – these and other furniture will keep all school supplies in order. It is best if you divide them into categories. Writing, painting and handicraft utensils, including ink pens, pencils, paints, scissors, glue, rulers, and everything else you need in school can be in separate containers or baskets. Notebooks, textbooks, atlases, etc. can be placed on the shelves or bookcases. Modular cube bookcases are especially popular as they are versatile and can be used to store almost anything. We recommend choosing storage furniture that corresponds to the height of the children so that they can really reach every book and exercise book themselves.

Stationary for your homeschool room

homeschool room furniture ideas for comfortable learning


What do your children actually need? There is no need to buy everything you see. Make a list or, even better, consult with the teachers. Typically, the basic things that students need:

  • Pens, (color) pencils,
  • pencils, markers, crayons, watercolors
  • Notebooks,
  • Paper,
  • a stapler with staples,
  • sharpeners,
  • scissors
  • paper for drawing,
  • glue and tape.

Those parents who are used to shop for the normal back-to-school’ items are quite familiar with the list and even if you missed something, you can always get it later. Organization in a homeschool room is important so make sure all the supplies are stored neatly and have their place in cabinets, drawers, shelves or boxes.

Technology for the homeschool room

how to organize homeschooling and distant learning

Homeschooling involves modern-day technology and whether we like it or not, children will need a computer. Whether a desktop, a laptop or a tablet, the child needs one to be doing homework, project research, etc.

How to use the wall space

homeschool room wall decor ideas with world map and science posters

The walls in the homeschool room can be used in various ways, depending on where you are setting up your home classroom. Obviously, this is the place for shelves, cubbies, a chalkboard or whiteboard, storage cabinets, etc. However, you can use them for educational posters and decoration. Depending on the age of the child you can hang the posters with the alphabet, the numbers, animals, a map of the world, science, history, art posters, flags, etc.



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