How to protect children from coronavirus – practical tips for parents

by Kremy

How to protect children from coronavirus tips for parents

Does the Corona virus infect children? Do children suffer from COVID-19 disease more severely? How to protect children from coronavirus? Find below the answers of some of the most important questions that parents ask as well as some practical tips for the normal daily life at home.

clean hands disinfectant how to protect children from coronavirus


After schools were closed due to the coronavirus, most people experience a period of social isolation. Experts point out the importance of protecting the social distance, which is one of the most important measures. While warnings are made that this process should not be seen as a holiday, suggestions are made to protect the whole family, especially children, from the virus. Preventing children from getting in contact with the elderly and people with chronic diseases is important in this process.

Protect and do not panic

How to protect children from coronavirus

There are so many questions that need to be answered. Health officials provide recommendations and advise preventive measures. Yet, it is normal that parents worry for the health and well-being of their children. Here is the most important that you need to know about coronavirus and children:

Does the Coronavirus infect children?

Yes, the coronavirus infects children. Data from countries with outbreaks show that Covid-19 affects people of all ages. However, the current data shows that coronavirus infects children less often than adults and especially older people.

Where can children get the corona virus?

Children can get coronavirus from infected people by sneezing and coughing, by touching their hands, their eyes, faces, noses and mouths.

coronavirus prevention children hand washing

Does coronavirus affect children differently from adults?

Children are definitely not infected with covid-19 as much as adults. However, currently, the corona virus test is done only to adults in hospitals. Many more children than we think may have been infected with corona virus. In general, children with Covid-19 experience milder symptoms than adults. Usually, covid-19 affects children’s the upper respiratory tract – nose, mouth, and throat and that is the reason why pneumonia and life-threatening symptoms of coronavirus that are observed in adult patients are not typical for kids.

Does covid-19 affect children at different age in a different way?

Infection is more common in preschool children. Young children are more vulnerable to Covid-19 than other age groups and as we already explained, they have milder symptoms.

Does the Coronavirus infect children tips and information for parents


How do I know if my child has a coronavirus infection?

If your child has a fever, weakness, loss of appetite and respiratory failure, your child may be showing symptoms of coronavirus. If you suspect such an infection, you should contact your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Is coronavirus especially dangerous for children with allergy conditions?

No. The corona virus does not pose a special risk in children with allergy conditions. Generally, the protection measures of allergic children to protect against coronavirus infection are exactly the same as the protection measures taken by everyone.

Should children wear a face mask?

No. Children don’t need to wear a mask.

What can parents do to protect children from corona virus infection?

should children wear a face mask and does coronavirus affect children differently from adults

What to do to protect children from coronavirus. Basically, parents need to follow the preventive measures and instructions of the Health Authorities. It is very important not to go to crowded places and teach the children to wash their hands frequently with warm water and soap for 20-30 seconds. Singing 20-second hand washing songs will make this much more fun. It is also important to tell children that they should not to touch their face with dirty hands. Having in mind that schools and kindergartens are closed, children are at home and if you have limited going out to parks, as you should, you may wonder what to do with kids during the period of social isolation and how to manage their time. In addition to fun activities for children, there is more important topic and that is proper nutrition. Paying attention to nutrition is one of the precautions that you can take.

Limit sugar consumption

coronavirus and children healthy diet avoid sugar

There are certain foods that should be consumed especially to support immunity – foods rich in probiotics, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk. However, children should avoid foods containing sugar because glucose competes with vitamin C receptors and suppresses the functions of the body’s defense cells.

Do not consume food that is not well washed. This is valid not only for children but for the whole family. Children should definitely have breakfast in the morning but make sure that it is natural foods such as cheese, olives and eggs, for example. Avoid cereals. Children should consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. Citrus fruits, as you know, are rich in vitamin C. Eggs, milk and dairy products, legumes should also be a part of the children’s diet. It may be appropriate to include more natural antibiotics such as onions and garlic in meals.

coronavirus protection for children fresh fruit healthy diet

All foods in package have a negative effect on the immune system

Ready-made foods such as chips, chocolate, wafers, biscuits should be avoided as well as hamburgers and cola. Fast food affects the immune system negatively. Instead of hamburgers, children can be offered a sandwich or toast.

Children should drink with plenty of water and a sleep pattern should be created.

covid 19 prevention children daily schedule sleep and activities

Water consumption is important for the immune system not only of adults but of children as well. During this difficult period of social isolation, kids need to sleep enough as this is essential for strong immunity. Children should be in bed by 9 o’clock in the evening.

Sport strengthens immunity

physical exercises for children during coronavirus isolation

Sport is indispensable for a strong immune system of children and adults. You can fix a special time for sport in the daily schedule of children and encourage them to practice easy exercise at home.




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