How to make a bandana face mask in two minutes?

by Kremy

How to make bandana face mask for Coronavirus

A bandana is a fashionable accessory for many women. But recently, this colorful and trendy accessory has undergone a complete metamorphosis in order to find a new application as a DIY protective mask! It can be made in in less than five minutes and requires only two materials. A bandana face mask will brighten up the monotonous everyday life of people in social isolation. What are the benefits of a bandana mask and can it really protect us from coronavirus? Read on to find out the answers to these questions as well as a tutorial with instructions and videos!

Reusable DIY fabric masks have become a must in a pandemic

how to make a mask from bandana easy instructions


Generally, experts advise wearing a mask to avoid infecting other people if you are sick. This also applies to individuals who test positive for COVID-19 but who show no symptoms of coronavirus disease, which can prove to be crucial in limiting the risks of contamination. In many countries the citizens are obliged to wear masks in public places. The main problem is that almost all countries are facing a significant shortage of masks and personal protective equipment and it is almost impossible to find protective masks.

This serious shortage challenged the creativity of many talented people around the world and DIY face masks tutorials and ideas have invaded social networks. Many tutorials are available on the Web explaining how to make a protective mask from various materials. However, experts doubt the effectiveness of these DIY protective masks.

mask bandana diy american actor Colin Hanks coronavirus

European Union rules state that a respiratory protective mask must be made up of three layers including a filter. However, the majority of homemade masks contain only one layer without a filter and cannot replace a standardized mask. In addition, the authorities and certain experts stress that DIY masks are not effective against the coronavirus and that they do not protect the wearer or those around him. It is true that they are capable of filtering large particles such as pollen and dust, but this does not concern viruses which are microorganisms. However, many people wear reusable DIY fabric masks as this is better than wearing nothing. We offer you a very simple method which takes only 5 minutes.

A bandana face mask has the great advantage of offering many designs and patterns, there is something for everyone! So take into account that it is not a mask with filter, but rather a barrier which prevents the spreading of droplets from a contaminated person.

How to make a protective bandana face mask – instructions

DIY bandana mask easy tutorial

In addition to offering many trendy models, a bandana face mask can be made in two stages and three movements without sewing and using only two elements: two hair bands and a square cotton bandana measuring 50 x 50 cm. Wash your hands well for at least 20 seconds and disinfect the work surface before you begin.

how to make bandana mask with hair bands tutorial

First, spread your bandana on your work surface.

Then fold the bandana. Flip and press to make smooth.

Place hair ties on both sides of the bandana, leaving a distance of approximately 15 cm.

Finally, fold the edges inward and insert them one into the other. Nothing complicated!


protective mask bandana diy washable and reusable cotton fabric

Cotton bandanas are a great option because this soft fabric greatly reduces the risk of possible skin irritation. This type of protective mask is washable and reusable. After using your bandana mask, take it off by touching only the elastic bands. Wash your hands immediately for at least 20 seconds. This is necessary so as not to contaminate the scarf in case your fingers are possibly in contact with the virus. However, take into account that social distancing and other preventive measures are always valid.



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