20 gray living room designs – the elegance of gray in interior design

by Kremy

spectacular gray living room interior design ideas accent wall space partition

Hardly any color is currently trendier than gray. It definitely has more than 50 shades and although it was once considered as a monotonous, uncomfortable and even dull, nowadays the gray shades were rediscovered and are currently getting more and more fashionable. We will show you 20 gray living room designs to demonstrate the elegant sophistication of the color in various design styles.

modern living room ideas gray interior design wood accents


The color is often qualified as neutral which makes it the perfect background for creative interior solutions. Gray living room designs exploit the versatility of this color as it is suitable either as an accent or as a basic color.

modern living room design trends gray wall color gray sofa

Gray walls visually expand the room and add elegance. A living room in gray will look very stylish, especially if the main color in the interior is combined with the other colors.

modern home interior gray living room gray sofa area rug wall art

This amazing color is used by designers in almost all styles. So if you want an interior in a high-tech, modern, art deco, country, classical style, gray will be appropriate in any of these.

gray interiors living room design ideas soft shades

Grey goes well with almost all colors and shades of red, green, blue, yellow, white, black. It provides a wide filed for experiments, for example, you could add colorful details or set accents.

modern home interior design ideas gray wall color wooden coffee table

It is practically impossible to see grey in nature. Concrete, metal, asphalt – all of these materials are man-made. That’s why the it is used when the interior wants to focus on the original architectural design, expensive materials or special texture finishes.

grey living room designs contemporary living room interior ideas

For successful living room in gray designs the lighting conditions play a crucial role. If you are not quite certain which shade to choose, take a tip from the experts – choose a light shade. This ensures that the interior will look airy and inviting.

trendy interiors modern home design

Nowadays, the gray color in the interior design is used as a universal background. With properly selected combinations and original accents the neutral color can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room. This is a practical choice, especially suitable for homes where there are small children or pets. In small living rooms gray works best with light and warm shades – cream, milk or cappuccino. These combinations make the interior appear light and the room looks more spacious. A spacious interior will look good when you combine different shades from one color palette – light silvery shades or deep anthracite.

stylish gray living room white chandelier white coffee table

room wall color ideas trendy dark shade light sofa

modern apartment gray interior living room design ideas

gray interiors design ideas red decorative pillows white coffee table

interior design living room color ideas pink color accents

Modern ideas gray sofa soft walls white area rug

modern home ideas sofa white coffee table

modern dark grey wall color white sofa white table lamps

ideas gray sofa set olive green accents

desing ideas gray walls white sofa decorative pillows

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