25 black living room ideas – are you bold enough for a black interior?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

black living room ideas black interiors modern home design

A black living room is a rather bold decision and not everyone can withstand such a pressure. We have collected 25 stunning black living room ideas where the color creates a unique ambience.

Black living room ideas and impressive interior designs

minimalist interior design white furniture

Dark colors in the interior are connected with luxury and noble origin. Although considered as a basic color black is incredibly strong by itself. Its dominating power oppresses the rest of the colors and staying in an all-black interior for a long time will be very difficult as the lack of colors usually creates a variety of feelings and emotions.

interior design black living room ideas recessed lighting

Black living room ideas and interiors have a disturbing effect on the human psyche and many specialists will advise you to limit the amount of this dark color in the places where you spend more time. May be this is one of the reasons why black interiors are often used for bathrooms, and are not so popular for living rooms and bedrooms.

ideas minimalist interior design contemporary white furniture

However, the black color is being used by designers on the principle of the perfect backdrop which allows you to focus on the importance of details.

Black living room ideas floor wall black leather sofa

You would totally love or hate a black interior but almost no one can remain indifferent. The attitude towards the color is as a result of many associations, which are individual for each person. One thing is for sure – black attracts the attention when entering a room.

How to incorporate the color in the interior design?

white sofa contemporary interior design ideas

It is not very likely to see an all-black interior. Usually the color is combined with other colors which complement and add to its strength. The easiest way to transform your living room completely is to paint the walls.

black and white interior design black area rug furniture white wall

A black wall immediately attracts the attention and becomes a canvas for your imagination. It is not necessary to paint all the walls. One wall would be enough to become the focal point of the living room.

Black living room ideas for furniture

ideas black wall color black sofa white area rug

The uniqueness of this color is that it contrasts with any other. If you wished to introduce it to your interior you could do it by buying dark-colored furniture which will attract the eyes. A large sofa, modern shelves, area rugs or home accessories can quickly transform the ambiance of any living room.

black wall color white furniture interior design ideas

Most often black living room ideas include a contrast color and one of the all-time classics is black and white. Such interiors are based on the concept of light and dark, shadows and reflections. The color is accented by different textures, the furniture or by adding white walls and home accessories.

design ideas black gray interior sofa curtains

Black and shades of gray is another common combination. Often used in minimalist interiors, it looks strict and enhances the straight lines of the design.

ideas armchairs wall color

Yellow-gold accents added to the interiors look somewhat extravagant. The yellow has all the opposite properties –it is a warm, bright color, associated with the sun and daylight.

Living room interior with decorative wallpaper

 furniture black area rug decorative wall fireplace

Dark interior accented by white walls

modern-black ideas black furniture white walls

An all-time classic

interior black furniture sofa daybed white floor

Interior design with gray accents

black wall interior black flooring pendant lamps ideas

Minimalist interior in neutral colors

minimalist interior design white swing chair wall cabinets

Spectacular interiors in dark shades

design leather sofa black table lamp gray curtains

Combination with gray for a minimalist interior

minimalist black sofa

white grey accents black area rug

black white chevron pattern floor

black wall color white furniture chandelier

black wall color ideas white floor white curtains

black and white furniture area rug white floor

design ideas black furniture crystal chandelier white wall

black furniture area rug daybed white floor





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