15 Planter garden ideas to decorate your patio, balcony or roof area

by Kremy

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We have collected 15 planter garden ideas which are the perfect way to create landscaping in a limited space. Container gardening is the solution of having fresh flowers, herbs, even fruits and vegetables in a limited space. This type of gardening provides the opportunity to keep the plants alive during cold weather as the planters may be stored in a room.

How to start our own small garden?

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If you are a beginner and this is your first garden project, it is a wise idea to start with herbs or succulents. First, they are small and you will get experience and second – herbs look incredibly well in pots or containers, and are ideal for inexperienced gardeners.

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Planter garden ideas will hint you to use big pots. Often plants are sold in small plastic pots and they need to be replanted. Plants and herbs need space to spread out and grow. Despite the fact that cute little containers look beautifully on your countertop, their function is more decorative and you should not expect a big yield.

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Do not forget that light is essential for plants. Make sure your planters and containers are positioned in a way that provides the necessary light.

Planter garden ideas – types of containers and planters

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Containers come in different shapes, types and sizes. The choice is endless and the most popular containers that you will see in different planter garden ideas are barrels, tubs or bathtubs.

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Large plastic pots are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any store. Ceramic planters also have a great decorative value and would look great in the patio.

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Wooden containers also come in a variety of designs while concrete ones are usually bigger and more suitable for trees.

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Drainage is very important in the garden. Make sure that there are holes at the bottom of the container for drainage.

Decorative planter garden on the roof balcony

rooftop garden design planter contemporary deck outdoor furniture

Container gardening is perfect for small spaces

garden planters small patio ideas container gardening

An excellent DIY idea

DIY container wood crates garden decoration ideas

Flowers in planters decorate the balcony

contemporary patio decorating small garden

Planters can be used for flowers, herbs, fruits or vegetables

container garden ideas patio decoration

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