L shaped kitchen design ideas – planning a functional home space

by Kremy

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L shaped kitchen design ideas offer a universal solution for comfortable, ergonomic and functional layouts. Such kitchens are also known as corner kitchens and they are planned following the rule of the “working triangle” formed by the sink, the refrigerator and the stove. The elements, forming the kitchen triangle are installed at a certain distance and the sink (sink and dishwasher) is in the middle, and the stove and refrigerator are as far apart as possible. If the space is large enough, it is better to reduce the distance between the stove and the sink so that to avoid unnecessary movements.

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The main task in any kitchen plan is to combine all the elements of the interior in such a way that the room not only looks beautiful, but comfortably accommodates all the appliances and, of course, simplify the cooking process. Thanks to ergonomic solutions for storage of products even the smallest kitchen can be transformed into a modern and functional, welcoming space. An L-shaped layout of working surfaces, storage systems and household appliances can be used in spaces of any shape and size. This is the most popular layout of kitchen furniture because it allows you to make the most of your countertop area and conveniently arrange a working triangle, creating a comfortable environment for a variety of tasks and activities in the room – food preparation, cooking, dining, entertaining, etc. We shall look at some of the basic rules for the layout of corner kitchens, their advantages and disadvantages and you will find some practical tips and ideas which will be useful to all of you who consider an upgrade or a remodelling of your kitchen.


Pros and cons of L shaped kitchen design ideas


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L-shaped kitchen layout can be used to equip many kitchens. Properly selected furniture solves the problem of kitchen equipment. L shaped kitchen design ideas are based on placing the working areas on two wall surfaces of the kitchen, which are perpendicular to each other. Such a design solution allows you to create a very comfortable space so that all the items necessary for the daily activities will always be at hand. As a rule, one of the sides of the L-shaped kitchen is longer than the other. This is as a result from the proportions of the room and kitchen cabinets are placed on the longer side. However, in square rooms, the L shape is modified and the size of the two sides is equal. This kind of planning has many advantages and is perfect for most square kitchens that have small or medium sizes. In addition, the L- shaped layout leaves enough space for a dining zone or a kitchen island and is the optimal solution for large families, as all residents of the house can easily be accommodated at the table. This design is also a good option for transitional rooms and open plan living spaces.

What are the advantages of L-shaped kitchens?

Compactness – this is one of the main advantages as the functional areas in the kitchen are close to each other.

Comfortable working area – the L-shaped kitchen has two sides instead of one which offers bigger working and countertop space. Functional elements like the sink are usually located on one side leaving the other one free and a continuous countertop with built-in elements will also visually increase the space.

Functionally – You can add a dining table and a corner sofa in the kitchen which will not only make it more comfortable, but will also provide additional storage space under the seat for kitchen appliances and uteencils that are rarely used.

The layout allows zoning space, dividing the kitchen into 2 zones – working and dining and is suitable for small and medium sized rooms. For example, cabinets with rounded edges increase the usable space and add visual appeal and smooth lines to the interior and the movement between the different areas is comfortable and unobstructed.

L-shaped kitchens can be decorated in any style – from rustic, craftsman, traditional, to contemporary and minimalist and this is another reason for the huge popularity of the layout.

Design opportunities – This layout usually uses two walls, but this is not the only option. The right approach in the planning of the room, especially when there is a window, allows you to save space and improve the quality of work. For example, the working area can be under the window and this will allow you to take advantage of the available natural light. You can choose an asymmetrical L-shaped cabinetry and add a bar counter which will be a good continuation of the furniture set and some extra working area, while maintaining the proportions. Moreover, in a small kitchen a bar counter that can solve the problem with lack of space for storage or dining.

What are the disadvantages of L shaped kitchens? L-shaped layout is not suitable for large kitchens as the appearance and the proportions of the room may seem awkward. In addition, the distance between working spaces is increased, so moving from one area to another will take much longer.


L shaped kitchen design ideas – layout and space organization options


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As we mentioned, there are different options to arrange the space in an L shaped kitchen.  However, very often the corner space is not used effectively and efficiently. Usually, the back of a corner kitchen cabinet is inaccessible and a “dead zone” is formed due to the lack of easy access. An easy way to avoid that and use every inch of your kitchen is to equip the corner cabinets with functional rotating fixtures – Lazy Susan trays, baskets, etc. Some people opt for a corner sink, or using the countertop space to place a coffee machine, a toaster or another kitchen appliance.

Corner shelves are also an option and in a small kitchen they will give an airy and spacious look. Those who prefer a lighter and brighter interior can opt for a design without wall mounted cabinets but open wall shelves. Obviously, the disadvantage of such designs is the limited storage space, but there are many modern and creative kitchen storage solutions which will compensate the lack of upper cabinets.

Kitchens with L-shaped layout and dining area are often seen in small rooms. When all kitchen working zones are arranged along the two perpendicular walls, even in small rooms there is enough space for a dining table with chairs. In suburban houses, kitchens are usually much larger than the ones in urban apartments. This is a good opportunity to place a spacious dining table that will not only accommodate the entire family for lunch or dinner, but also guests. Make sure you choose your dining furniture in complementary color and materials so that all the furniture in the kitchen creates an impression of a single, harmonious space.

Another popular layout is an L-shaped layout of the kitchen cabinets and a kitchen island. This is not a surprise since the layout is practically universal and working surfaces, storage systems and household appliances are arranged in the most convenient way. A kitchen island allows you not only to expand the working area, to equip additional cabinets, but also to organize a place for breakfasts or other meals.

It is advisable to draw a sketch of the layout and find out the proportions of the room, as well as the location of all the main zones. This will help you arrange the space as effectively as possible and make it as functional as possible. A good plan will give you an idea how many cabinets you need and how to place them in the available space. Of course, each household has different needs so the design should take into account the individual requirements of every family.

If you like cooking and you are constantly buying fresh food it is most likely that you will need a huge refrigerator and enough of storage space for food. Make sure you arrange space for food preparation and cooking, as well as for the storing of the kitchen utensils that you use on a regular basis. For example, built-in technology will save space in a small kitchen, and open shelves or cabinets with glass fronts will make it lighter and more spacious.

Enjoy the gallery below and the beautiful L-shaped kitchen design ideas and get inspired to create a very cozy and comfortable interior in your home!



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