Master Bedroom Ideas 2023: What Are the Latest Trends? Decorate Now with the Top 15 Designs

by Kristiyana

Spring is almost here, and with every new season, come new trends. Whether it’s about fashion, makeup, hairstyles or interior design, most of us try to keep track, so we know what’s in style, and what should be left in the past. Thinking about spicing things up a bit in your home? Maybe look up some trendy master bedroom ideas in 2023? You have come just to the place! Below you will find the top 15 designs for decorating a master bedroom.

Pendant lighting for master bedroom

pendant lighting_pendant lights

For master bedroom ideas in 2023, opt for pendant lighting. These lights add a touch of elegance. At the same time, they are a simple design that can easily be incorporated in any room. The shape of the lights you go with solely depends on your personal preferences.

Chocolate brown walls idea 2023

chocolate brown bedroom_bedroom trends 2023


Do you want to spice things up in the bedroom? And yes, I am talking about the interior! Might be a surprise to some, but brown is trending as a bedroom colour in 2023. And especially chocolate brown. This tone adds flavour, mystery and richness to any master bedroom. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for creating the perfect cocooning bedroom.

Polka dot bedroom headboard

bedroom polka dot bed frame_chic master bedroom ideas

I don’t know why, but ever since I was a little girl, I have always had this obsession with polka dots. They are cute, chic and add a touch of playfulness to anything, whether it’s fashion or interior design. Opt for a polka dot headboard for your bed. Pair it with pink accents to create a very sweet and feminine design.

Built-in library for master bedroom

built in bedroom library_library behind bed ideas

Love to read in bed? Then this master bedroom idea is just for you! Transform the wall behind your bed into a home built-in library. Personalize it by displaying your favourite books and items. Make sure you incorporate lights in the bookcase, to have proper lighting when reading.

Lavender accent bedroom ideas 2023

dusty pink bedroom_lavender bedroom ideas

Purple is set to be one of the trendiest bedroom colours for 2023. The focus is on lilac purple and a new Pantone colour called digital lavender. These tones create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Opt for lavender accents in your master bedroom, or go for the single statement wall.

Master bedroom tropical wall mural

bedroom accent wall_mural wallpaper

Who doesn’t love tropical murals? They give you a sense of peace and relaxation, and make you feel like you have been transported to a tropical rainforest. What’s more, these wallpaper murals are trending like crazy in 2023. Create a cool accent in your master bedroom, my decorating the wall behind your bed with this mural.

Bedroom window alcove ideas 2023

window alcove bedroom_bedroom window alcove

How about designing a cute getaway in your master bedroom for when you feel like you have too much on your plate? Create a cosy alcove by your bedroom window, decorated with soft pillows, greenery, and other favoured elements that bring you joy. A perfect option for a reading area as well.

Matching bedroom window curtains

master bedroom ideas_matching curtain drapes

Want to add some lux to your master bedroom? Try matching your windows curtains with the surrounding interior. 2023 is a time to experiment with colour, and not base your room designs on neutral palettes. Experiment with pink tones like in the image above.

All-white master bedroom ideas 2023

all white bedroom ideas_all white master bedroom

Or are you all about that minimalistic, all-white master bedroom design? If so, you’ll love this. Opt for white window curtains of thick material, so they can better hide the light when required. Throw blankets are always trendy and add cosiness to any room, so you can place one over your all-white master bed. Don’t forget the pillows.

Custom DIY bedroom dresser idea

floral bedroom dresser_die dresser

For those of you who like to experiment and create things by themselves, you can try this DIY dresser idea. Purchase a simple dresser and turn it into a unique piece of art with some beautiful floral wallpaper. Or you can even print out a favourite painting of yours and display that as well. A stunning accent for your master bedroom.

Modern art deco master bedroom 2023

modern art deco bedroom_art deco deisgn

Oh, I just love the art deco interior design trend! Nothing says style like the roaring 20s, don’t you think? But this art deco master bedroom design comes with a splash of modernity. You have the lux wall mural, but you can also see natural textures being incorporated into this bedroom. Two trends into one!

Antique mirror for your master bedroom

antique mirrow_master bedroom ideas

And why not display a lavish antique mirror that will really tie your whole master bedroom together? And you don’t need to spend a fortune to obtain one. Many antique mirrors can be found in thrift shops or garage sales. You just need to know where to look and always be on the watch, as they are quickly snatched.

Pink and grey master bedroom ideas

gray and pink master bedroom_grey and pink bedroom ideas

Grey and pink? How can one resist the temptation! When these two colours are adequately combined, they can create a very stylish and chic interior. Opt for a grey wallpaper accent wall in your bedroom. Display pink and grey throw blankets and pillows on your master bed.

Rattan master bedroom trend 2023

rattan bedroom_rattan bedroom ideas

And why not create your dream safe-space with some rattan accents in your bedroom? A rattan headboard will make you feel closer to nature. Plants are known to open up a space, and add elegance and a sense of tranquillity. Complete the nature-inspired bedroom with soft textures made from organic materials.

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Retro colour palette bedroom ideas

retro colour palette interior design_retro master bedroom ideas

If you want to add energy to your neutral-coloured bedroom walls, then I think this retro design will be up to your taste. Incorporate rich tones of copper red, brown, rust and burnt orange to create a stylish bedroom with some retro vibes. The bright colours beautifully contrast with the greyish walls.

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