20+ Ideas for Styling the 90s Denim Maxi Skirt for Petite Women During Spring/Summer 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

With the groundbreaking return of some of the biggest 90s fashion trends in 2023, the maxi denim skirt became the most widely spread spring staple piece of the year! We saw the fashion item all over Fashion Week, on and off the runway, and worn by the likes of some of the biggest it-girls, such as Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk. However, everything seems to look flawless when it comes to fashion and styling until it reaches the closet of a regular person. As a petite woman myself, the maxi denim skirt is a trend I was shying away from for a while because I couldn’t figure out a way to make it work for my small frame – until now! Here’s how I learned to style the hottest fashion trend of spring 2023 like a pro!

street style long denim skirt petite women white tshirt loafers 90s fashion 2023 trends

How to Style a Denim Maxi Skirt for Petite Women?

Forget about the age-old myth that short women should stay away from long skirts. The trick is in the proportions. If you’re a petite woman, when buying a denim maxi skirt make sure that it’s at least 2 inches above your ankles. Because denim is quite a thick and heavy fabric, if the skirt reaches all the way down to the ground it will have the opposite effect and make you look wider and shorter. Slits and asymmetrical silhouettes are also great ways to complement your figure. Scroll down to see the best denim maxi skirts for petite women that will make you feel like a 90s fashion icon!

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Front Slit High-Waisted Ankle-Length Denim Maxi Skirt

high waisted denim maxi skirt for petite women ankle length mid section knee high slit 90s fashion 2023


Credits: dadouchic.com

Dress up the denim skirt trend for a brunch date in the city with a pair of metallic pointy stilettos in a vibrant color and a complementing metallic handbag. Pair with a long black coat to add a pinch of effortless elegance and a nude top to balance out the rest of the outfit.

Office Chic Style with a Denim Maxi Skirt

knee high black boots front slit high waisted denim maxi skirt for petite women 90s fashion trend 2023

Another great way to style a maxi denim skirt during the colder months is by pairing it with knee-high black boots. They will make your legs appear slimmer and longer when peeking through the front slit of the skirt. This helps create an overall elongating effect on your whole figure.

Asymmetrical Long Denim Skirt for Petite Frame

asymmetrical long denim skirt petite women 90s fashion style spring summer trends 2023 (1)

As I mentioned above, when buying a maxi denim skirt, unless there is a slit to open up the silhouette, it’s good to aim for a length that’s at least 2 inches above your ankles. This asymmetrical long denim skirt is a great example of how the disproportionate silhouette can add dimension and the slightly shorter end of the skirt will elongate your legs.

Calf-Length Denim Skirt for a Slender Petite Figure

above ankle long denim skirt petite women oversized neon yellow blazer crop top high heels 90s fasion street style trends 2023

In the spirit of the 90s, a stunning way to style this calf-length denim skirt is by pairing it with an oversized neon blazer statement piece!

Two Piece Canadian Tuxedo with a Maxi Skirt

canadian tuxedo long denim dress two tone petite women 90s street style 2023 trends

Credits: rachelleyadegar

Another beautiful example of how high heel black boots create the optical illusion of elongated legs, but in this case peeking through the front slit of a two-tone denim long skirt. The black belt in coherence with the boots, as well as the denim in the same color as the darker denim from the skirt, ties the whole outfit together perfectly!

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More Denim Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas for Petite Women

high waisted front slit maxi denim skirt petite women spring summer 2023 90s fashion leather boots rocker jacket sheer top

Asymmetrical Front Slit Long Denim Skirt with Chunky Boots and Stripe Top

street style long maxi denim skirt petite women vertical stripe top chunky brown boots 90s fashion trend 2023

Pleated Denim Maxi Skirt paired with Stilettos and a Denim Vest in a Brighter Color

pleated maxi denim skirt petite women chic 90s fashion 2023

Credits: rachelleyadegar

Deep Front Slit Maxi Denim Skirt with Edgy Leather Jacket and White Summer Sandals

deep front slit maxi denim skirt petite women fashion trends spring summer 2023

Asymmetrical Front and Back Slit Long Denim Skirt Paired with a Graphic Tee and Tan Oversized Blazer

asymmetrical front back slit long denim skirt petite women office chic fashion trend spring summer 2023

Long White Denim Skirt with a Back Slit for Petite Women

back slit white maxi denim skirt petite woman beige sweater french tuck 90s fashion 2023

Casual Outfit with an Asymmetrical Front Slit Maxi Denim Skirt, Baseball Cap and White Sneakers

asymmetrical front slit long denim skirt curvy petite women casual 90s style fashion trends 2023

Maxi Denim Skirt with Deep Side Slits Paired with Chunky Black Platform Boots & Sheer Top

deep side slits long denim skirt petite women edgy styling look 90s spring summer fashion trends 2023

Deep Side Slit Maxi Denim Skirt in Combination with a Graphic Tee and Platform Boots

deep side slit maxi denim skirt petite woman graphic tee chunky black platform boots spring summer fashion trends

Flared Asymmetrical Raw Hem Long Denim Skirt with Double Layered Denim Jackets

flared asymmetrical raw hem long denim skirt petite women 90s fashion spring summer style trends 2023

Knee-Hight Front Slit Maxi Dress in a Coastal Country Outfit with Cowboy Boots and Baggy Sweater 

knee high front slit maxi denim skirt petite women coastal cowboy fashion spring summer 2023

High-Waisted Long Pencil Denim Skirt for Petite Women

long pencil denim skirt petite women black boots long sleeve turtle neck 90s fashion trends

Overlap Button Long Black Denim Skirt Paired with a Graphic Tee and Converse Sneakers 

overlap button long black denim skirt petite women street style 90s fashion spring summer 2023 trends

Edgy Outfit with a Deep Front Slit White Denim Skirt and Leather Boots & Jacket

white front slit denim long skirt petite women edgy look black leather boots jacket 90s fashion

Vertical Stripe Oversized Top Paired with a High-Waisted Long Denim Skirt

vertical stripe top deep front slit high waisted long denim skirt petite women styling tips 90s fashio spring summer 2023 trends

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