Gold Nail Designs Fall 2023 – 20 Stunning Ideas Fit for a Goddess!

by Stephanie Yankova

Are you wondering what your next manicure should be? Whether you’re a minimalist who swears by classic dainty designs, or an out-of-the-box experimentalist, one thing is for certain – metallics are always a good idea! This season we’re asking you to tap into your goddess energy and adorn your hands with one of these stunning gold nail designs for fall 2023! 

Gold Nail Designs Fall 2023

white tips gold foil stylish abstract fall nail design 2023

If you want to bring some glitz and glamour into your life this fall, there’s no easier and quicker way to do it than with a set of elegant gold nails! From glitters to gold foils and chrome paints – there are so many ways to elevate even the simplest of manicures in no time! Get inspired by our selection of fabulous fall gold nail designs and give yourself the royal treatment you deserve!

Blueberry Cheesecake Nails with Gold Flakes

blueberry cheesecake nails gold chrome foil burgundy fall manicure design


Life imitates art, and when it comes to nail designs food and beverages are a consistent source of inspiration! If you’ve had enough of wearing plain burgundy nails during the fall and feel like trying something out of the box, add this design to your nail inspo folder right away!

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Art Deco Nail Design

black and gold art deco nails fall 2023

Black and gold is a timeless color combination that oozes glamour and sophistication. This stunning art deco pattern inspired by the lavishness of the roaring 20s is a true art piece that will make you want to show your hands off anywhere you go!

Gold Celestial Nails

gold celestial nails stars evil eye dots fall manicure

Celestial nails are a newly emerging trend that’s quickly becoming one of the most desired designs for this fall. Honestly, who wouldn’t want this otherworldly golden set? It’s so minimal and elegant, yet intricate and awe-inspiring!

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Navy Blue and Gold Foil Fall Nails

navy blue gold leaf nail design fall 2023

The one thing I love more than a set of navy blue nails for the fall is a dash of sparkly gold foil! This combination instantly sends me back to the clear summer blue skies, deep ocean waters, and blinding sunbeams! If you, just like me, aren’t ready to let go of the summer just yet, this manicure is the perfect transitional design to wear this October!

Black Aura Nails with Liquid Gold Decorations

short black aura nails liquid gold paint decorations fall manicure ideas 2023

Are you someone who loves to experiment with unique nail art designs? If the answer is “yes”, this witchy set is one you absolutely must try for the fall! Combining black aura nails with liquid gold paint is something I would’ve never thought to try out myself,  however, now that I’ve seen it I’m absolutely obsessed!

Elegant Red Nails with Gold Reverse French Tips

gold reverse french tips red fall nails design ideas

Red nails have never ever failed me – it’s a timeless and elegant nail polish color that has the power to instantly boost my confidence and make me feel like a main character! Even though it’s absolutely astonishing as it is, a touch of gold will instantly elevate it even more!

More Gold Nail Designs to Try This Fall

black and gold cat eye nails fall manicure design ideas 2023

Abstract Autumn Leaves Decorated with Gold Leaf 

abstract gold leaf fall leaves nail design 2023

Elegant Matte Long Square Nails with Gold Swirls

elegant gold swirls nail design fall 2023

Burnt Orange and Gold Glitter Ombre Fall Nails 

burnt orange gold glitter ombre short nails fall manicure design

Minimalist Gold Chrome French Tips for Fall 2023

minimalist gold french tip nails fall 2023

Fall Color Palette Brush Strokes with Gold Details

fall color palette brush strokes nails dark skin october 2023

Emerald Green Marble Manicure with Gold Leaf Accents

green marble gold leaf elegant dark fall nails design 2023

Short Oval Gold Chrome Drip Manicure 

gold chrome drip manicure fall nail design ideas

Short Stiletto Milky White Manicure with Gold Foil French Tips

short stiletto milky white gold leaf nails october fall manicure design trends

Rose Pink Chrome Nails with Gold Glitter Reverse Ombre 

rose pink chrome gold glitter ombre nails fall 2023

Mismatched Hands with Plain Navy Blue and Black Splatter with Gold Leaf

mismatched navy blue black splatter gold foil short square nails fall 2023

Black and Gold Halloween-Themed Nails

black and gold halloween nails fall manicure design inspo

Abstract White, Yellow and Gold Foil Fall French Tips

abstract gold foil almond nails fall manicure design trends 2023

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