7 Unique & Colorful DIY IKEA Hacks to Transform Your Home in 2023

by Kristiyana

Would you like to transform various pieces of furniture into colourful decorative elements using some creative DIY IKEA hacks? Here you will find great IKEA decoration ideas with furniture for a more colourful home!

The Swedish brand’s furniture is very popular and can be easily converted by using clever DIY IKEA hacks. This allows you to find practical and relatively inexpensive solutions for your living spaces and easily combine them. In addition, some of the furniture manufacturer’s top products are characterized by a clear and simple design. This forms a perfect basis for various transformations that can be used to spruce up otherwise unsightly living areas in a creative way. It also allows you to adapt such pieces of furniture not only to your specific needs but to the style of your interior as well. Below, you can discover some clever examples to get inspired for your next DIY project.

How to Breathe New Life Into Furniture with Paint & DIY IKEA Hacks?

turn a conventional basic cabinet into a mobile kitchen island in a striking green trendy colour with diy ikea hacks

It’s no surprise that many people find inspiration for numerous creative DIY projects in the Swedish furniture retailer’s simple designs. Although the brand is usually known for neutral colours, a little imagination, and skill can transform even the simplest pieces of furniture into colourful and practical decorative elements. This means you can change the atmosphere of any living space so that it radiates a positive feeling. It might also prompt you to try the following DIY IKEA hacks to make plain furniture more eye-catching through decorating ideas.

Transform the MALM Table Into a Colourful Retro-Style Sideboard

with some creativity and skill awesome diy ikea hacks spice up miscellaneous furniture pieces in retro style


You don’t necessarily need to add paint to old IKEA furniture to improve its appearance. If you are a fan of patterned retro furniture, another easy and cheap option is to use foil, wallpaper or contact paper for it. The popular table on wheels from the MALM collection is perfect for this purpose. You can easily convert it into a table for drinks or a side table by covering it with 60s-inspired wallpaper.

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by using diy ikea hacks and decoration ideas turn painted table into colorful serving table

This means you can set an accent in your living room and use the piece of furniture as a bar cart for your guests. To enhance the effect, swap the wheels of the table with a more eye-catching variant. With such DIY IKEA hacks, take your time to align the material used like a pro and create a unique design.

Create a Decorative & Practical Kitchen Island with DIY IKEA Hacks

practical rearrangement of furniture corners with ikea decoration ideas for better looking kitchen rooms

Would you like to spice up an older cupboard and create a special atmosphere in the kitchen? How to make your Ikea kitchen look expensive? Get inspired by this cool IKEA hack with a base cabinet! Such commercial products from the brand can be transformed into great kitchen islands to add more colour to your kitchen and optimize the available space. The piece of furniture is also compact and can be used as a space-saving unit to serve both visually and practically. Use any IKEA base cabinet and countertop to create a mobile kitchen island on wheels, then complete the look with a vibrant colour.

Transform Chests of Drawers from IKEA Into Refined Side Tables

breathe new life into an old painted commode of ikea and make it look like malachite gemstone

Decorating and designing living spaces with the colour green is currently very trendy. You can breathe new life into your old furniture by, for example, imitating the look of a green gemstone like malachite. To do this, you can use a chest of drawers suitable from the IKEA MALM collection and cover it with luxurious wallpaper or foil in green. In this way, you create something special that you can adapt to the design of the corresponding living space. Add a gold handle to complete the sophisticated look and use your creation as a side or bedside table in the living room or bedroom.

Dyed Faux Fur with DIY IKEA Hacks As Eye-Catching Decoration Ideas

for modern living spaces suitable textile colours use and art fur from ikea in pink as decoration paint

In addition to the huge range of furniture, the Swedish brand also offers cosy home textiles such as sheepskin, cowhide and faux fur. These are suitable as throws for chairs and armchairs, as well as for the floor. Instead of using a traditional white faux fur as a decorative element, you can dye it as you like. This is an affordable way to spruce up empty floor surfaces or upholstered furniture in your home. It also makes a room appear more inviting, and you can use a dye bath to match the desired colour to the rest of the colour palette in the room. Textile paints are suitable for this, with which you can transform a blank canvas into a colourful piece of art.

Decorate Functional Storage Systems with Colourful Patterns

colourful and flashy stickers or paintings on storage system as ikea hack attach and decorate

The design of the storage system called TROFAST from IKEA is simple and has a frame made of pine wood. The white plastic containers, which can be easily pushed, allow you to let your imagination run wild. Make this a fun project for your kids through DIY IKEA Hacks, and enjoy the generous storage space with colourful paintings. However, you can also spice up the tubs with stickers of your choice. You have enough scope for this and can make the storage system look like an atmospheric work of art in your children’s room.

Apply Decorative DIY IKEA Hacks with Colourblocking to Shelves

art technique colourblocking for ikea decoration ideas apply and shelf colour design

You can add a cheerful touch to your living spaces using a creative method from the art scene. With the so-called colourblocking, you can achieve a maximum effect with minimal effort, for example by redesigning shelves from the VALJE collection. Although this technique can be easily applied to any piece of furniture, it works particularly well for those with separate sections of different sizes. In addition, you can transform the compartments of open shelves into vibrant eye-catchers and highlight each of them with complementary colours.

Creatively Spice Up Ordinary Lamps from IKEA with This Hack

trade steel lamp diy ikea hacks 2023 apply and creatively paint up the lampshade

You can use the clever and inexpensive DIY IKEA hacks, not only on various pieces of furniture and home textiles. In addition, try them with other treasures offered by the Swedish brand as a basis for your IKEA decoration ideas. With such a redesigned lampshade from the wide range of lighting, you can make your interior look both bright and playful. An example of this would be the floor lamp from the VIDJA collection, whose shade can also be decorated with colourful patterns. With a simple IKEA hack like this and a little creativity, you can transform an otherwise inconspicuous light into a quirky decoration for your home.

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