3 Super Easy & Unique Ideas for a Boho Chic Decoration with Feathers for Fall

by Kristiyana

Being an essential part of Bohemian style, feathers are currently all the rage! Boho chic jewellery and feathered home decor are just two of the fascinating manifestations of this exotic, libertine, and organic craze. Do you want to know how to make your own decoration with feathers? I’m sharing with you my 3 favourite tutorials, which are super easy to make and therefore perfectly suitable for beginners!

How to Create Your Own Chic & Trendy Decoration with Feathers?

decoration with feathers autumn to make crown

When looking at feathers as a basic craft material, we discover that they come in all fabulous sizes, shapes and colours! Some are very attractive as is, while others can be spruced up with a little paint. Here are 3 unique DIY projects that make the most of these practical little objects associated with birds that humans find particularly aesthetic!

Easy DIY Ideas for Decorative Bouquets with Feathers

decorating with feathers ideas table decoration


Certainly, the simplest thing you can do with feathers is to put them in a vase and arrange them as you would a bouquet of flowers. The idea is to combine different textures and shades as well as to choose the appropriate container to complement the duster or create a beautiful desired contrast. Here are a few examples that don’t require too much additional explanation.

A magnificent pink plume worthy as a wedding decoration!

table decoration with pink ostrich feathers to make yourself easy idea worthy wedding

Centrepiece idea with peacock feather in a vase and candlesticks

decorative feathers for vases

How to Make a Wall Decoration with Feathers

feather decor for wall

The second decorative approach with feathers is more complex, but it does not require particular skills or specific equipment either. It is a kind of wall decoration inspired by dream catchers that brings Boho chic charm to any space in the house. It’s super fun to make too, and you will only need:

  • white feathers
  • black pheasant feathers with white polka dots
  • gold spray paint
  • scissor
  • suede cord
  • round polished wooden stick or driftwood stick

wall decor with white feathers painted gold make yourself in steps

To begin, spray the tips of the white feathers with gold spray paint and let them dry completely. Of course, if gold isn’t your thing, you can get creative and use any other colour you like. For example, if it’s a wall decoration for the baby’s room, pastel pink and sky blue work perfectly.

decoration with feathers make yourself in steps wall mounted dreamcatcher

Next, tie both ends of the suede string to each end of the wooden stick for hanging later. Tie a piece of suede shoelace to the stem of a feather and cut off the excess, as shown in the photo collage.

wall decor with feathers make yourself in steps tutorial

Tie the other end of the suede cord to the centre of the stick, making sure the knot is facing the back and it is not visible. Move from the middle to both ends, shortening the string of each feather a little.

wall decor tutorial with white feathers make yourself in steps

Add the small polka dot feathers between the white feathers, cutting shorter laces. Finally, hang your feather decoration on the wall and admire it with pleasure!

wall decor with feathers make yourself a few steps

More exotic variant with driftwood, beads & feathers in brown shades

wall decoр with feathers make yourself easy idea exotic boho chic

Decorative Door Wreath with Peacock Feathers

decoration idea with peacock feathers wreath door autumn make by yourself

The last feather decor themed tutorial seems the most complex of all, but in fact it is only at first glance. To make this stunning fall door wreath, you will need:

  • wreath in wicker or vine branches to decorate with a diameter of approximately 30 cm
  • peacock feathers and other feathers of your choice
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • small decorative objects (optional)

material make decor with feathers yourself easy idea door wreath

Prepare your materials and plug in the hot glue gun to heat up. Add a dot of glue to the hard end of a feather and insert it at an angle somewhere between the crown branches.

decoration with peacock feathers wreath door autumn make yourself

Repeat the process in one direction all the way around the wreath, adding glue and overlapping the feathers a little as you glue them to the hoop.

decoration idea with peacock feathers making autumn door wreath

Cover the wreath completely with peacock feathers and add other types of feathers or decorative materials of your choice to give it a special style. Depending on the season and the desired effect, use leaves, flowers, other natural materials, etc.

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decoration with feathers make yourself wreath leaf older autumn

A decorative wreath with feathers and red leaves perfect for fall

decoration with feathers make wreath autumnal leaf holder

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