4 Simple DIY Modern Fall Wreath Ideas to Celebrate Harvest Season With!

by Stephanie Yankova

Decorating your space in the spirit of a new season is a great way to invite positive energy of renewal into your home. But why stop only with the interior? If you’ve been looking for a new DIY project to pick up by yourself, or with your kids, we’ve got you covered! Give your outdoors a cozy and welcoming makeover to celebrate the upcoming harvest season with a beautiful modern fall wreath! Browse through for inspiration, or follow the free guides to make it yourself! 

DIY Modern Fall Wreath Ideas

diy modern fall wreath ideas easy seasonal crafts

A wreath is the perfect little piece of decoration that can instantly uplift the appearance of your front porch. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but also just as easy to make on your own! At a time when the seasons are changing and the weather is getting gloomier there’s nothing better than to bring some joy into your home atmosphere with a simple creative project! Take a look at our simple and effective ideas for a modern fall wreath that you can make in your free time!

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Wispy Faux Flowers Fall Wreath

modern wispy faux flowers fall wreath diy


Credits: onsuttonplace

If you have a grapevine wreath just lying around in your house from Easter or Christmas, and you’re wondering how to repurpose it – this DIY project is for you! Here’s everything you’re going to need to recreate this floral wreath and bring the autumn vibes to your outdoor space!


  • a grapevine wreath (size of choice)
  • large faux branches or faux floral stems in a color of choice
  • wire cutters or big sharp scissors

faux yellow flower branches diy fall wreath

When you’re buying the faux branches make sure that they are rather thick and sturdy, so you can be sure that they’ll stay put once you arrange them on the wreath. For the next steps, follow the guide below:


  • Separate the stems and cut them off with scissors or wire cutters.
  • Start arranging the stems by poking them into the wreath.
  • Fill in the gaps on the wreath with the bigger branches placed at an angle.

floral branches diy grapevine fall wreath


  • Once you’ve put in the wreath all the stems and branches you can pull them out a bit to create some depth and dimension.
  • Hang the wreath on your front door using a hook or double-sided tape, and you’re done!

Wheat and Feathers Fall Wreath

front door diy faux wheat wreath idea

Credits: thehappierhomemaker

What better way to greet the harvest season than with a beautiful and minimalist wheat wreath? Here’s how you can easily recreate this elegant seasonal wreath and give your front porch an awe-inducing fall makeover!


  • straw wreath form
  • faux bundle wheat
  • florist pins in a U shape
  • pheasant feathers or other feathers of choice

faux wheat stems diy fall wreath idea


  • Use the U shaped florist pins to attach the bundles of wheat onto the straw wreath form.
  • Make sure that each bundle of wheat overlaps the ones underneath.
  • Once you’ve attached all the wheat bundles, arrange the feathers by poking them into the wreath form.

faux wheat and feathers fall wreath idea

In just a few simple steps, your fall wreath is ready to be hung on your front door!

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Modern Gold Fall Wreath with Faux Peonies

moody modern diy fall wreath peonies

Credits: makingjoyandprettythings

I personally love having a floral wreath on my front door any time of the year. They’re incredibly beautiful, give the front porch a more welcoming appearance and just add a little bit of character to my overall plain outdoor decor. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers that I miss the most during the fall, so of course I’m going to make a peonies-themed wreath! If you, too, want to adorn your front door with this fabulous modern wreath and bring some elegance to your outdoor area, follow the guide below!


  • 10″ (24.5 cm) gold stained metal ring
  • a glue gun
  • floral wire
  • faux peonies in different colors and sizes
  • seeded eucalyptus greenery
  • faux lamb’s ear

faux peonies leaves ring wreath fall 2023


  • Take the eucalyptus and the lamb’s ear and cut their stems off, leaving just a tiny bit of them poking right below the bottom leaves.
  • Then, take the peonies and cut their bulbs off their branches.
  • With the floral wire attach the lamb’s ear to the metal ring.
  • Make sure that the ends of the stems meet roughly in the middle, where you will attach the peony bulbs.

lamb ear eucalyptos fall wreath design idea

  • Then use the floral wire again to attach the eucalyptus stems on top of the lamb’s ear.
  • Try your best to mask the floral wire in between the leaves as best as possible.
  • Plan out how you’re going to arrange the peony bulbs on the ring.
  • It would look best if you start with the bigger bulbs and place them in the middle of the greenery, then place the smaller ones on both sides.
  • Once you’ve mapped out their positions, take the hot glue gun and apply a generous amount on the area where you’re going to glue them.
  • Place the peonies on the areas with glue as quickly as possible and press gently to make sure they’re set in place.

Rustic Fall Burlap Bubble Wreath

diy burlap bubble wreath fall 2023

This rustic wreath design is so aesthetically pleasing it looks like it was store-bought! The truth is that it’s actually incredibly easy to make and it’s so versatile you can repurpose it for any season! Here’s how to make it yourself just a couple of simple steps!


  • 3 rolls of burlap
  • metal wire wreath
  • autumn-themed decoration of choice
  • beige or brown pipe cleaners

diy materials rustic burlap bubble wreath


  • Take the burlap and tie a knot around the metal wreath frame.
  • Make sure that the knot is facing towards the back of the wreath.

looping burlap around metal circle frame fall wreath idea

  • Once you’ve tied the knot pull the burlap outside the frame in order to create a tiny knot.
  • The wreath should be positioned in a way in which the knots are on the back, and you are facing the front.
  • Before each next loop, twist the fabric below it twice.
  • If you’ve bought a wreath frame with 3 openings, make 3 loops in each opening of the frame.
  • Continue the same process on the opposite side similarly to the way you would do a French braid.

fall burlap bubble wreath loops diy

  • As you’re making the loops you can pull and twist them to create your desired shape.
  • Take the pipe cleaners and use them to tighten the burlap at the end once you’re finished with the knots.
  • If there are any areas of the wreath where you are not satisfied with the shape, you can also use the pipe cleaners to adjust the knots and give them a different shape.

finished knotted burlap bubble autumn wreath

  • Take your fall-themed decoration of choice and use a hot glue gun to place it in the desired position at the front of the wreath.
  • If you feel like the glue won’t be good enough, depending on the type of decoration you’ve chosen you can use the pipe cleaners, as well.

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