How to make a simple Halloween wreath? Photo Gallery and DIY ideas for October decorations

by Gabby

Fall is finally here, and we can easily say that this is the coziest and most relaxing season. However, what else do we think about when we hear fall? Of course, it is most known as the spooky season. Halloween is almost knocking at our door, so it is time to prepare with our decorations. What are the most used decorations when it comes to celebrating Halloween? The first thing that pops up is pumpkin lanterns, ghosts, skeletons, spooky lights and a lot of witches. We often choose to decorate our homes inside and outside, however if you live in an apartment, you cannot go all out on the outside décor. Do not worry, that is why I am here. There are ways you can make your outside door look spooky and at the same time chic. You can buy a Halloween wreath to make your home door really stand out. However, if you want to have more fun with it, why not make it yourself? How do we make an easy Halloween wreath? There are a few ideas that you can try at home with your loved ones.

autumn wreath decorations with pumpkin

How do you make easy Halloween wreaths?

It is very easy to create your own personal Halloween wreath. All you have to do is use your imagination, get creative and have fun. You can implement some DIY autumn decorations into your wreath for a more classic vibe. If you want to make it more spooky, just add a witch hat, a broom that you can make out of dry twigs, and a bunch of colorful pumpkins. You can also add cotton ghosts or black cardboard cats, put some glitter on them or glue funny eyes.

outdoor halloween decorations with witch hat


You want to create funny legs for your witch as shown on the picture ? Grab your old socks, some cotton to fill them in and paperclips to attach them to your wreath. Fall is also the season of chestnuts. You can paint them in orange, glue them to the wreath, and they will play the role of tiny little pumpkins. You can even use old Christmas ornaments and paint them different Halloween colors or make them look like monsters.

outside halloween decoration with funky colors and hair ties and ribbons

If you keep your ribbons from any presents you have received, you can use them to turn your wreath into this funky, colorful creation. You can add some hair ties or shoes ties, dry leaves, dry fruits and candies. You can personalize it however you like. The more fall colors you use, the better. You can go all out.

Halloween wreath, but make it Disney?

outdoor halloween decorations with feathers and disney plastic mask

We all love our Disney movies, but during Halloween it is time for the villains to shine. How to make this beautiful Maleficent wreath? It is easier than you think. You are going to need a plastic Maleficent mask. If you are not able to find one, you can cut it from a paper and color it yourself. You are also going to need some glamorous, dark, black feathers and a glue.

halloween decoration with monsters inc disney

Monsters INC is one of my childhood favorite movies. If I can implement this on my Halloween decoration, I am here for it. Grab your purple and blue tulle, fake eyes and cardboard teeth, and you have your self a Sully. It is very easy to make, it will not be as scary, however who does not love Sully ? If you have some tulle leftovers, you can get creative and make your own monsters in different colors.

How do we make Halloween wreath with lights?

It is very simply to create your wreath with lights in it. The best part is you can make it creepy, spooky or chic if you want to. You can choose any type of lights you would like. All you have to do is wrap them up on your wreath and finish the decoration. I would pick red lights, because it is extra spooky. You can turn them into a web or if you are more creative you can make figures with them. It depends on the lights you have. If you are able to find lights with a thinner cord, making figures will be super easy and fun. I personally love pumpkin lanterns during Halloween and what I like to do is find the smallest pumpkin, carve it and put lights inside. It is a perfect ornament for a Halloween wreath.

outdoor halloween decoration with lights and bats purple

This is a great idea on how you can turn your simple lights into this garland of crows. You just need to cut them out of cardboard, felt or even paper. Make a hole for the eye of the crow and this is where your lights will go. You can make them smaller and wrap them on your wreath.

halloween decoration with crows and lights

Other easy and creative ideas for Halloween wreaths

autumn wreath with lights and leaves

You are going to need orange felt and lots of wrapping. Boo! 

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

The perfect combination of fall vibes all wrapped in this stunning wreath. 

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

All you are going to need for this one is a wreath and fake snakes. You don’t have to go black. I would make them gold for extra sparkle.

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

Very simple but creepy! If you are good with the needles, this is the perfect one for you.

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

If you want a more chic vibe to your wreath, this is the way to go.

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

You want to make your Halloween wreath practical? Glue candy to it and make them tricksters take what is theirs.

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

Glue, black feathers and a bunch of fake spooky eyes – your Halloween wreath is almost ready! 

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

Do you still keep your last year Christmas wreath? Turn it into a beautiful Halloween monster!

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

Who said black cats bring bad luck? All you need is two wreaths, dry flowers and a bow. Don’t forget the tail! 

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats

Have you ever seen more Halloween colors than black and orange ? Me neither! Grab a tulle in both colors and let the magic happen!

outside hallowen decorations with tule bats


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