Pumpkin faces – spooky, scary, cute and funny ideas for Halloween

by Kremy

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Pumpkin faces look at us at Halloween time form almost everywhere. Halloween is getting closer and closer. Are you wandering what do you want your pumpkin face to look like this year? Are you tired of scary faces? Well, of course, it is not necessary to cut on your pumpkin scary faces, although traditionally the creepy grin with burning eyes symbolizes the restless soul. Fortunately, there are many other funny easy pumpkin carving ideas to make a Halloween lantern and have an enjoyable Halloween.



It all depends on your desire. A cute pumpkin face will bring smiles to your friends, family, neighbors and visitors. If you feel like going for a scary spooky face – you will find a lot of stencils to craft a horrific lantern. There are some simple rules to follow before starting to make the pumpkin face. Of course, you need to choose the color, size and shape that you like, but you need to consider if you will be able to make your preferred design. A very important factor in pumpkin carving is the thickness and the density of the flesh, so if you want to do something really interesting, you take this fact seriously. A little word of advice: the flesh of the pumpkin should be firm and not elastic in any way. Do not buy pumpkins with bruises, cuts, scratches or any signs of mold.

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Pumpkin faces, like any other carving, require a bit of patience. If you are not planning to cut out some spectacular work of art, then you do not need so many device but a marker, a stencil, the usual kitchen knife with a sharp nose and narrow a very sharp blade. If you want to make a more complex work, you have to expand the tools. You will need special tools for carving, including blades, drill or tools for engraving. Remember to wash the pumpkin thoroughly before carving. Use the marker to draw a circle around the stalk. Take a sharp knife with a strong blade and cut a stiff “cap”. Clean the core with seeds with a regular table spoon, use the marker on the pumpkin skin to outline the stencil or just cut along the contour with a knife. Proceed slowly and carefully with your carving and be careful not to crack your pumpkin.

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Cool easy pumpkin carving faces ideas smiling faces

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