Pumpkin carving tools – ideas for a creative Halloween decor

by Kremy


Pumpkin carving tools will be a necessity for everyone who has decided to make a Halloween pumpkin lantern and decorate the home, the garden or the holiday table. What is Halloween without a pumpkin? It is one of the main symbols of the holiday, just as the costumes and the scary stories. With a pumpkin lantern with a candle inside our house get magical and everything has a peculiar, mystical meaning.



Very few of us are skilled professionals in pumpkin carving and if you wanted to include your kids into the Halloween fun craft activities you should keep in mind that some of the pumpkin carving tools are not suitable for children. However, a brilliant DIY Halloween pumpkin carving project, which will be kids friendly and safe is to use cookie cutters. You will need a rubber mallet, cookie cutters of various shapes and sizes, a carving knife/paring knife and needle nose pliers. All you need to do is to place your cookie cutter on the pumpkin and hit it with the rubber mallet. Remove the cookie cutter from the pumpkin and cut the outline of the shape you made. Pop-out the piece, carefully clean the inside of the pumpkin and you are ready to insert a candle or a tea light!

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pumpkin-carving-tools-cookie-cutter-pumpkin-lantern DIY Halloeen decoration

pumpkin-carving-tools-cookie-cutter-pumpkin-lantern step by step pictures


With professional tools for pumpkin carving you may create elaborate scary face pumpkin designs or funny faces. However, such tools require some experience. In addition, with enough creativity you would not need an expensive set of carving tools. We have another hint for you which will allow you create original Halloween decoration without much effort. How about using a drill, a linoleum cutter and a small spade? The drill will help you make perfect round holes in various sizes. Think of making vertical series of holes around the pumpkin and you will have a beautifully glittering lantern as a table centerpiece for your Halloween party. The linoleum cutter will give you the opportunity for a more detailed carving and you may carve flowers, leaves, stars – anything that you wish. Linoleum cutters are perfect for intricate designs. Find your inspiration in the gallery below and enjoy yourselves!

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pumpkin-carving-tools- stencils how to carve a pumkpin lantern

pumpkin-carving-tools-stencils cute easy pumpkin designs

pumpkin-carving-tools-pumpkin design ideas branch pumpkin

pumpkin-carving-tools-Halloween lantern carving step by step

pumpkin-carving-tools-Halloween lantern carving ideas step by step

how to carve a pumpkin-stencil-ideas


pumpkin-carving-tools-and designs DIY Halloween decoration


pumpkin-carving-tools-drill-pumpkin-designs DIY creative Halloween lanterns



pumpkin-carving-tools-autumn leaves Halloween home decorating ideas

pumpkin-carving-tools-and design ideas leaves

Halloween garden decoration carved pumpkins

DIY Halloween lanterns ideas pumpkin carving ideas

pumpkin-carving-tools-carving ideas stencils

pumpkin-carving-tools-vine carved pumpkin halloween



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