What to Plant in October 2022: Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs for Your Autumn Garden

by Kristiyana

October is here, and experienced gardeners and newbies alike are wondering what’s best for sowing this cool season. What to plant in October 2022: What vegetables can you plant during this time of year? What about flowers and herbs? Keep on reading to learn the answers to all of these questions.

What vegetables are good to plant in October 2022?

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Going with choices like Brussels sprouts, broad beans, carrots, and garlic seem to be most popular among the folk this season.

Brussels sprouts are not the simplest vegetable to plant since they need a longer period to grow. They thrive when planted for a fall or early winter harvest. Sprouts taste better after a few touches of frost.

Broad beans are easier to grow. As you plant them from seed, they yield green pods containing either mung or kidney beans that can be used in salads, stews, and soups.

When asking yourself about when to plant carrots, they can also be sown in the fall for winter harvest, which is advantageous for southern gardeners. The most common carrots are orange, but you can also try growing yellow, white, crimson, or even purple ones. In addition to the color of the carrot, it is crucial to select the proper size and form for your soil. To guarantee they are mature before the days become too short, and the temperatures drop, choose a carrot type that develops swiftly.

Garlic should be planted in the fall, about three weeks before the ground freezes, to give the roots time to grow but prevent them from breaking the surface before winter. Depending on the flavor and use you desire, choose the cloves you want to plant. It is not advisable to use grocery store-bought cloves. Garlic farms in the area are a great source of seeds.

If you are looking for other options for fall vegetable planting, you can also go with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, or celery. All the varieties above are best for October planting, so you can take advantage of the bare soil and produce crops earlier the next season.

What flowers are good to plant in October 2022?

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The best time to plant a variety of flowers, including hardy annuals and bulbs, to add vibrant colors and fragrant blossoms to your garden is in October.

Perennial plants called bulbs have fleshy, subterranean structures that serve as nutrient stores for the plant’s winter dormancy. They can be distinguished into two types of bulbs—spring bulbs, which bloom in the spring, and fall bulbs, which blossom in the fall. Many gardeners plant spring-blooming bulbs in the fall. Prior to the first frost, spring bulbs need time to grow strong roots.

Consider planting any of these hardy annuals in early October. A few examples include garden mums, petunias, and pansies.

The go-to annual for vibrant gardens, pansies grow in full sun to partial shade. October is the optimum time to plant these flowers as the weather is cool but the sun and soil are still warm enough to encourage root growth and blossom development. Pansies are ideal plants for three-season color.

Petunias are cool-season annuals that tolerate deer and produce blooms with vivid hues. They can be planted in late winter or early spring for warm-season color, or in the fall for cool-season color. In local garden centers, you can discover a variety of petunias, as you can with practically any bedding plants these days.

Hardy garden mums are annual plants that grow in full sun to light shade. Mums favor cooler weather. These flowers will blossom for up to 8 weeks after being planted if you wait until it has cooled off before placing them out.

The best ideas for herbs to plant in Autumn

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Many perennial herbs, like the ever-popular sage and thyme, can be planted at this time of year. Additionally, fantastic annual herbs like cilantro and parsley can be sown right away. Here are some of the best ideas for an autumn herbal garden:

Sage can be purchased fresh or dried at your local grocery store, but it’s also simple to cultivate your own. Sage can be sown from seeds or cuttings at any time from fall to spring, but purchasing transplants from your neighborhood garden center is the fastest method to get started. Select a location that receives lots of sunlight, and don’t forget to water the plant as much as it needs.

Thyme is a little, evergreen plant with minuscule, gray-green leaves. Like most herbs, thyme thrives in direct sunlight and can withstand drought. Early spring or late fall are the best times to sow it from seed. Plant in well-draining soil, if possible.

A perennial plant with brilliant green leaves, cilantro has numerous culinary uses. This herb with flat, feathery leaves is frequently used in Southeast Asian and Latin American cuisine. It may give many meals, like salsa, a vibrant flavor. The taste of cilantro is somewhat tangier than that of parsley. Cilantro can be planted from seed or from transplants. Rich, well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade are ideal conditions for growing this herb.

The flat-leaf kind of parsley, which has the strongest flavor, is a multipurpose herb that is available in both curly and flat-leaf varieties. You have the option of buying transplants or growing your own plants from seed. Because the seeds may take a while to sprout, soak them in water for the entire night before planting. Since parsley is a cool-season plant, it could start to lose color when it gets heated.

Evergreen rosemary is a strong-flavored herb that tastes fantastic in food and is relatively simple to produce. When crushed, the slender, needle-like leaves release a pungent, somewhat pine-like scent. They can be dried for later use or used fresh in meals.

what to plant in october,can i plant anything in october
Hopefully, all the aforementioned ideas and advice for planting your October garden come in handy, and the gifts of your soil adorn and delight your kitchen, guests and raise your spirits.


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