How to Make Your Own Autumn Wreath? 3 Super Easy Tutorials

by Kristiyana

Don’t you agree that wreaths are an essential part of seasonal decorating? Whether they decorate the front door, the wall inside, or even the table, they are a wonderful way to beautifully display all the typical motifs of the season while bringing just the right mood into your own four walls. Would you like to make some autumn wreaths yourself?

Perfect for making autumn wreaths are, of course, all natural elements such as acorns, chestnuts, berries, and pumpkins. But they are not the only materials with which you can create pretty autumnal decorations. You can also use construction paper or even fabric to quickly conjure up a beautiful autumn wreath for your front door or any other place.

How to Make Your Own Autumn Wreath from Different Materials?

make you own autumn wreath from craft cardboard leaves with glue

Pick out your favourite model and craft it right away. You can vary the materials at will and also create other colour combinations.

Make Your Own Leaf Wreath from Pretty Paper

In the craft store you can buy pretty paper, and not only in all sorts of colours, but also with patterns and motifs or with a glitter surface. And these are exactly the right kind of gems you need for our first wreath idea! It is best to use cardboard, as it is more stable.

  • Plain wreath (e.g. from styrofoam, foam or straw)
  • Craft card stock in fall colours, including glittery and metallic
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Printed sheet template (use ours or find any other)
  • Tape

colourful paper leaves fold and glue on the wreath


Get started and make the wreath:

  • Cut out the templates. Using the templates you have, transfer the leaves to the desired cardboard colours and cut them out. You’ll really need a lot of them.
  • Once you have made a good amount of leaves, fold them where the thick veins are on the real leaves.
  • Tie a ribbon or string to the blank, so you can hang the autumn wreath later.
  • Start gluing the leaves onto the wreath. Make sure to overlap these so that the entire wreath is well covered in the end. It is best to always apply the glue along the fold.
  • If there are not enough leaves, make more until the entire wreath is covered.

template autumn leaves for free print


Tip: You can also make a wreath yourself, for example, by rolling up wrapping paper lengthwise like a roll. Then bring both ends together to create a ring. Wrap both ends with a long piece of tape to secure them together. Design the finished wreath.

Make Your Own Autumn Wreath from Natural Materials

make your own autumn wreath with natural materials from mesh wire a blank

Instead of the classic wreaths made of straw, styrofoam, vines or willow branches, use a special kind here: wire mesh, which is usually used as a climbing aid for tomatoes etc. So if you have any left over, you can use it wonderfully with this craft:

  • Wire mesh
  • Any fruits such as corn, pumpkins, berries (e.g. cranberries)
  • Pine branches, millet branches, snowberry
  • Jute twine
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pretty ribbon

instruction for an autumnal door wreath with corn and chewing bits

How to make such beautiful autumn wreaths for your front door by yourself:

  • Cut the wire. For this you need the top wire and the pieces that protrude from it so that you can use them for skewering.
  • Wrap the wire (except the skewers) with the jute twine.
  • Alternately, skewer the corn cobs and pumpkins. Fill the free spaces on the skewers with cranberries so that the skewers are not visible.
  • Tie the branches anywhere with the ribbon. Have them facing two opposite directions.
  • Hang the wreath directly from a nail or tie a ribbon for hanging.

You can find more ideas with decorative pumpkins here.

Make Your Own Autumn Wreath with Felt

make your own autumn wreath with leaves from felt and vine wreath

Felt is almost as easy to work with as paper, which is why it is often used in craft projects. Doesn’t this wreath look beautiful? Here’s what you need if you want to make such autumnal door wreaths yourself:

  • Plain wreath made from grape vines
  • Felt in different autumn colours
  • Floral wire
  • Scissor
  • Hot glue

cut from felt leaves and glue the tips together

How to decorate the wicker wreath for fall:

  • Cut out leaf shapes from the felt. Simply draw an oval shape on one of the fabrics and cut it out (or fold the fabric and cut out a half oval shape directly at the fold). You can then use this sheet as a template for the others so that they all turn out the same.
  • Once you have made a good amount, glue one of the two pointed sides together.
  • Cut pieces of wire (approx. 7.5 cm).
  • Apply glue to the outside of the glued end and attach a piece of wire there. Repeat with the other leaves.
  • Insert the end of the wire into the vine wreath and carefully bend it until the leaf fits to your liking.
  • Continue like this with the other leaves.

attach your wire and decorate your autumn wreath

Tip: You can also design these autumn wreaths for the front door with a romantic wreath made of thin twigs. This makes it look even more rustic and sentimental. The colours can also vary for more nostalgia. Then you don’t need wire. You can glue the leaves directly onto the branches.

rustic romantic wall wreath for autumn with branches and felt

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