Coastal Grandmother Style – The Favorite Casual Chic Fashion Trend of the Stars for Summer 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

If this is the first time you’re hearing the term “coastal grandmother” – you’re not alone! It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a couple of videos on TikTok that used this phrase that I unfolded this newly emerging aesthetic which, quite frankly, is everything that I aspire to be! Imagine the scenery from “Something’s Gotta Give” – azure water, dreamy beaches, hot summer nights, la dolce vita! “Coastal grandmother” is a lifestyle, a state of mind. But what I found truly fascinating is the fashion style that this aesthetic represents. It’s the perfect mix of old money, resort fashion, and casual, effortless coastal vibes attire. Simple silhouettes, organic fabrics, stripes, and a whole lot of beach moods – even if you don’t live anywhere near a sandy coastline, this style is going to instantly transport you to the nearest island. Let’s dive into the depths of the “Coastal grandmother” style clothes and take a look at all the essential pieces you need in your wardrobe to fully embody this aesthetic!

Coastal Grandmother Style Essential Clothing Pieces

katie holmes cannes film festival 2023 coastal grandma style aesthetic

“Coastal grandmother” is a way of life, and you certainly don’t need to be an actual grandma to hop on this trend – fake it til you make it, am I right? In fact, the actress Katie Holmes made a recent appearance at the Kering Women in Motion Talk during the Cannes Film Festival which is currently taking place on the French Riviera in full-on “Coastal grandmother” attire, and it’s safe to say that we are all obsessed! If you’ve been wondering what to do with your silk and linen clothes – put them right back into your closet because they’re going to be your capsule wardrobe for the upcoming summer month! Here are the key components that make up the “Coastal grandmother” style!

A Crisp White Button Down Shirt and Straight Beige Pants 

coastal grandma style aesthetic crisp white shirt beige straight pants trend 2023


Classic, timeless, and versatile – the combination of a baggy crisp white shirt tucked into a pair of straight or wide-leg beige trousers is a coastal fashion hit!

Horizontal Stripe Shirt or Sweater 

stripe shirt coastal grandma style summer fashion trend 2023

Nothing says beach and summer louder than stripes! Guess what – grandmas think the same, too! The striped sweater is an ultimate classic wardrobe essential that I guarantee you’re going to wear for decades! It’s always modern, and never overbearing!

Straw Wide Brim Summer Sun Hat 

straw wide brim summer sun hat coastal grandma style aesthetic 2023 trend

“Coastal grandmother” is not only about style, but functionality, too! We simply mustn’t forget to wear a sun hat during the hot summer seasons, and this trend dictates that wide-brim straw hats are the way to go!

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A White Linen Set 

linen two piece set shirt drawstring pants coastal grandma style aesthetic

No summer capsule wardrobe is complete without some linen clothing. A pair of drawstring linen wide-leg pants and a baggy linen shirt allow for various combinations and chances are that the two together will become one of your most worn summer outfits! The fabric is extremely light, soft, and comfortable, and best of all – it’s coastal grandma approved!

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