Summer Hats for Petite Women – How to Choose & Style the Perfect Hat to Suit Your Small Frame in 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

The hat is one of the most beloved accessories to women all across the globe with a rich history that dates back centuries. From its emergence in Ancient Egypt where upper-class men used to shave their heads and used headdresses as a means of cooling down through the chaperon hats from medieval times all the way to the Middle Ages where the hat was a symbol of high class and present days when the hat has become an inseparable accessory in the wardrobe of both men and women. A lot more versatile and design-led than they used to be in the past, the modern hat is not only a fashion statement but also a purposeful practical accessory adapted to the requirements of every season, weather, and occasion. However, what most people oftentimes struggle with is finding the right silhouette and fit that suits not only the size of their head but also the proportions of their body. As a petite woman, I’ve always found it quite difficult to find a summer hat that suits me well, because usually I either end up looking way more tiny than I already am, or it just makes my silhouette appear disproportionate. If you too are a petite woman in search of the perfect summer hat, keep reading to find out what are the most suitable sun hats that won’t be able to get enough of this summer!

Summer Hats for Petite Women – What to Avoid?

unsuitable summer hats petite women inspo trends styling mistakes

As I mentioned above, the biggest obstacle petite women run into when buying a hat is that the majority of the commercially mass-produced hats are based on general standard measurements which unfortunately most times do not fit those with a small frame. The hats you should absolutely avoid if you don’t want to look like a child that has put together an outfit from her mom’s closet, are:

  • oversized extra large wide brim sun hats
  • straw hats with bows
  • flare hats with strings
  • any big hats with a chin tie

How to Choose the Perfect Hat for Petite Women with a Small Frame?

summer hats for petite women styling tips what to wear 2023


The main thing you must keep in mind when buying a hat is that it shouldn’t be overbearing in comparison to your figure. The hat should be in coherence with the rest of your outfit, not a statement piece that draws all the attention to itself, because that may lead to achieving the opposite result. Other important factors to take into consideration are:

  • Flat hats – Paperboy hats and flat caps are best suitable for people with bigger heads and overall body frames. If you’re a petite woman this kind of hat will only make your figure appear smaller
  • Color coordination – When your hat matches the colors of the rest of your outfit, it creates the illusion of an elongated frame. However, don’t go for the full monochromatic look as this will have an opposite effect. Instead, play around with the undertones and choose colors that are complementary, yet not completely identical.
  • Try wearing your hat at an angle – I know it may sound silly, but tilted hats actually create an illusion of height. A little trick I use to help me keep my hat in one place when I wear it at an angle is to pin it at the back or on the sides of my hair with bobby pins.

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Can Short Women Wear Fedoras?

Yes, you can absolutely wear a fedora! The one rule you should follow when shopping for a fedora as a petite woman is to make sure that the brim isn’t wider than your shoulders. If the brim extends beyond your shoulders you will get the undesired effect of narrowing your body frame.

The Best Summer Hats for Petite Women

summer hats for petite women best designs silhouettes small frame girls

Now that we’ve learned what NOT to do when choosing and wearing a summer hat for our petite figures, it’s time to take a look at the hat designs that actually work in our favor! Take notes, ladies, these are the best hats that are going to take you from petite to appetizing in the blink of an eye!

  • Round crown hats
  • Classic baseball caps 
  • Straw Trilby sun hats
  • Straw visor
  • Raffia cruiser hats

Here’s how to style each one of these hats and wear them confidently in a modern and fashionable way!

Round Crown Hat for Petite Women

summer hats for petite women round straw crown hat

Round Crown Straw Bucket Hat 

round straw crown hat petite women summer hats slimming effect trends 2023

Round Crown Cap in Tan Color

summer hats petite women round crown bucket hat linen pants cropped top earthy nude colors

Classic Blue Baseball Cap 

classic baseball cap summer hats for petite women trends 2023

Denim Baseball Cap with Matching Jeans 

denim baseball cap summer hats for petite women trends ideas inspo 2023

NY Yankees Brown Baseball Cap 

cute outfit classic baseball cap summer hats for petite women ideas trends 2023

Straw Trilby Sun Hat 

straw trilby hat for petite women summer 2023 trends

Short Brim Fedora Straw Trilby Hat 

short brim fedora straw trilby hat summer petite women 2023 trends

Classic Straw Trilby Hat with Black Ribbon

straw trilby hat summer hats for petite women trends ideas 2023

Checkerboard Pattern Straw Visor Hat 

checkerboard pattern straw visor hat summer hats petite women trends 2023

Tan Woven Visor Hat 

tan woven visor summer hat petite women trends styling ideas 2023

Two Tone Straw Visor 

two tone tan straw visor summer hat petite women accessory trends 2023

Black Stripe Raffia Cruiser Sun Hat 

raffia cruiser hat black stripes summer hats for petite women tilted brim

Classic Raffia Cruiser Summer Hat 

vanessa hudgens raffia cruiser hat petite women summer hats trends 2023

Round Crown Raffia Cruiser Hat 

white cotton outfit mini skirt cropped top raffia cruiser hat petite women summer hats trends

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