DIY Concrete Paver Walkway: Decorate the Yard with Your Own Smart Path Creation!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Isn’t it exciting to make a paver walkway with your hands and an own design? This can remind you of the times you were a boy and constructed various smart creations with children’s builder. Making DIY concrete paver walkway will allow turning into reality your dreamed design plans, including the smallest details. This will cost you no much time, once you have the right materials, and you can build a durable and attractive paver path that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard. We invite you to explore with us the steps of building versatile types of walkways, addressing some common questions.

Your Guide on How to Build a Walkway with Pavers

does a paver walkway need a slope for the water to flow

Let’s delve into the step-by-step process of building your lasting DIY concrete paver walkway:

  • Design, excavate and prepare the walkway base. Start by determining the desired dimensions and layout of your walkway. Mark the chosen area and remove any existing grass, stones, or debris from there. Continue by digging out the marked place to a depth of about 6 to 8 in (15-20 cm). This is needed to free space for the base and the pavers. You may use your shovel or a rented excavator to dig the soil. After digging is finished, compact the area with a plate compactor or tamper. Then build a stable base by adding a layer of crushed gravel or stone to a depth of about 4 to 6 in (10-15 cm). Finally, compact the material to ensure it is firm and level.

diy concrete paver walkway with gravels for base

  • Lay the bedding and the pavers. Begin by installing metal, concrete or plastic edge restraints along the sides of the walkway to keep the pavers in place. Secure them firmly into the ground, and spread a bedding layer of sand or a sand-and-concrete mix over the base material. Use a screed board or a straight piece of wood to level the sand evenly. Then start laying the pavers from one end of the walkway, placing them tightly together. You’d better use a rubber mallet to tap the pavers gently into place. Check periodically with a level to ensure they are even and aligned.

diy concrete paver walkway made with curves

  • Perform cutting, fitting and jointing. Sometimes it is necessary to use a masonry saw or splitter to cut the pavers as they to fit around curves or obstacles. Once all the pavers are in place, spread fine sand over their surface, and with the help of a broom sweep it into the joints between the building material. This helps stabilize the pavers and prevents weed from growing there. To finish your creation, press the pavers once again with a plate compactor to ensure they are placed tightly.

diy concrete paver walkway making the boards

Can you Lay Pavers on Just Sand?

One question that may arise when you plan to build a DIY concrete paver walkway is whether it is possible to lay pavers directly on sand. While it is technically possible to do, it is not the recommended method.

how to make a concrete paver walkway place gravels under the pavers

Sand placed alone may not provide sufficient stability and durability to withstand heavy foot traffic over time. Therefore, it is best to use a base material like crushed gravel and stone to build a solid foundation for the pavers. This kind of base will also ensure drainage and prevent the pavers from shifting or sinking.

Does a Paver Walkway Need a Slope?

how to build a walkway with pavers

Another important consideration when deciding to make a DIY concrete paver walkway is whether there is a need for a slope. Ideally, it should be slightly inclined to ensure proper drainage of water. The slope helps prevent water from pooling on the surface, which can cause damage to the pavers over time. Therefore, an incline of 1/8 inch (0.3 cm) per foot (30.5 cm) is generally recommended. This can be achieved by carefully grading the base material before laying the pavers or by adding a slight slope to the concrete bed, when you use concrete for your bedding.

3 Easy DIY Concrete Walkways

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your project, here are three easy DIY concrete paver walkways, which you can consider:

Straight Design

how to build a walkway with pavers make your own design

A straight variant is the easiest to be made. Measure the desired width and length, and follow the steps mentioned above to create a clean and classic walkway, which connects different areas of your outdoor space.

Curved Walkway

how to build a concrete paver walkway make a plan

For a more visually interesting design, incorporate gentle curves into your project. This adds a sense of flow and can complement the natural shapes of your landscape in the garden or yard. Use a hose or marking paint to outline the curves and then do the excavation work, as well as the paver installation.

Stepping Stone Path

is it cheaper to make your own concrete pavers

Consider using stepping stones, placed at regular intervals. This interesting design implies a pathway with grass or gravel between the stones. It offers a more rustic and natural look, which makes a charming addition to your garden or backyard.

can you lay pavers on just sand gravels instead

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