Rubber pavers – lasting and cost effective outdoor pavers


Rubber pavers are durable and resistant to wear and tear and when you are looking for safe, slip resistant, comfortable and long lasting outdoor patio pavers, those are an excellent choice. In addition, they are cost effective and with an affordable price tag. It is true that rubber pavers are not the first choice of customers for patio paving but they do offer a number of benefits. In experts’ opinion, rubber patio pavers can successfully compete with concrete, brick or natural stone pavers.


So, how rubber pavers are made? These are pavers made from 100% recycled rubber coming from old automobile tires that are processed and manufactured to look like pavers. The range of application of the pavers is vast as they are a versatile flooring option. The pavers proved an excellent performance as patio pavers, pool decks, balcony flooring, verandas, rooftop decks, outdoor kitchens, playgrounds, etc.


Rubber pavers offer many advantages for outdoor application


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We shall look at the main advantages of rubber pavers as they are really suitable as an outdoor paving alternative for residential projects.


Environmentally friendly – recycled rubber pavers are an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pavers. They are made of recycled tire and the pavers themselves can be recycled for another use.


Durability – rubber patio pavers are very durable, they do not chip or crack over time. Even if they shift with time, replacing outdoor patio pavers is extremely easy – you pull out the paver and set a new one. A rubber surface withstands temperature changes and extreme weather and is not much affected by rain, hail or snow and ice.


Installation – rubber pavers are by far easier to install that concrete or brick pavers. Due to their flexibility they do not require a perfectly flat surface. They are installed through an interlocking process and a bed of gravel, for example, will provide the drainage.


Safety, is perhaps, the biggest advantages of rubber pavers. The slip resistance quality makes them excellent for playgrounds and pool decks. Further to that the pavers are soft and with great shock absorbent and noise reduction properties and using them in areas with high activity is a good decision.


Appearance is another plus as rubber pavers come in different colors, patterns and designs. The pavers can be installed in different styles – Herringbone, circle, basket weave or any other pattern to suit the taste and preferences of the homeowner. Different shapes are available as well – rectangle, hexagonal, dog bone square and Z pattern while the color options include black, gray, brick red brown, green, beige, etc.


Rubber pavers are very easy to clean and maintain and does not absorb bacteria. Last but not least is the cost. The affordable price makes them ideal for people who are on a tight budget.


Rubber pavers – What are the considerations that you need to keep in mind


Compared to the number of advantages, the cons of rubber pavers are not many. However, they may give off a strong rubber smell, especially when exposed to high temperatures.


There are people who find the appearance of rubber pavers unsatisfactory in terms of aesthetic appearance. They do not have the appearance of concrete pavers or natural stone pavers, so when you aim at a certain look and style of your exterior, you may consider other alternatives.


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