Vanilla kitchen cabinets – all time elegant and universal color choice

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contemporary vanilla cream kitchen cabinets tile flooring stainless steel appliances

Vanilla kitchen cabinets, also called French vanilla, are a fantastic choice for both small and large kitchens and this universal color can be blended in a variety of styles – from Victorian or Mediterranean to traditional or minimalist. Now, what is vanilla color? You will often hear the term off-white, which is used to describe the shades of white. Some of the most popular off-white colors are eggshell, cream, antique white, champagne, and each of them differs in the amount of beige that it contains.

what is vanilla color off white palette


There are colors that have a positive effect on everyone. Using such shades in the interior, you can achieve a wonderful atmosphere and make the room warm and cozy, a place for a pleasant pastime with family members and friends. Vanilla color is a natural color, it got its name from a vanilla flower, which has a gently yellow color. Vanilla color belongs to the group of the off-whites, and is a neutral shade, a medium pale tint of yellow, so it is able to harmoniously blend with many colors and shades.

Since vanilla color belongs to neutral shades, it is often used as a primary color when decorating kitchen interiors as well. Vanilla color is suitable for both walls and elements of decoration, for cabinets and dining furniture. The color is beautifully complemented by chocolate and espresso shades, but those who prefer bold accents may choose a few bright tones to add a more dynamic look to the overall kitchen design.


Pros and cons of vanilla kitchen cabinets – considerations to keep in mind


stylish vanilla kitchen cabinets with glass fronts tile flooring

Every housewife has her own special taste and her style preferences. Some women prefer gentle, soft colors while others choose bold and bright shades. Let’s look at the advantages of vanilla kitchen cabinets and the benefits they add to the overall appearance of the room.

On the first place vanilla is a positive color and according to psychologists, the off white (or pale beige, if you prefer) scale is calming to human psyche and gives a sense of security. The tender shade is associated with something delicious – with cream, a cappuccino, Bailey’s liqueur, cream cake and perhaps, thanks to these sensations, this delicate color is extremely popular.

Vanilla color can visually increase the space, so it is a logical choice for small kitchen color schemes. It is well known that designing a small kitchen can be a real challenge and when you want to create a pleasant, natural, rich, but at the same time calm atmosphere, this is your shade!

This color can be used either as a basic shade for decoration and kitchen cabinets or as a complementary color. Due to the fact that it is neutral, the color can be blended harmoniously with almost any color. Fittings and other metallic elements made of brass, copper, bronze or with golden sheen are the best choice for vanilla kitchen cabinets.

One consideration, as we cannot call it a disadvantage, that you need to keep in mind, is that vanilla color may look grey-ish under cold artificial light, so make sure you select your kitchen lighting carefully and thoughtfully.


Vanilla kitchen cabinets – tips, techniques and design tricks for a harmonious interior

vanilla kitchen cabinets warm color scheme beige

It is not secret that with the help of some simple design techniques and carefully chosen colors you can achieve many effects. Using a vanilla shade gives you an opportunity to create a wonderful atmosphere, warmth and comfort in any kitchen. Here are some tips, techniques and design tricks to guide you when planning the interior of your kitchen so that you achieve a balanced and a harmonious look.

Choose the style. Vanilla kitchen cabinets will look great in a high-tech, in a Mediterranean style interior, in a baroque styled room, in minimalist designs, etc. Materials and furniture design will determine the overall appearance and the style of the interior.

For interiors in classic style you can opt for kitchen cabinets decorated with carvings, soft and curved lines and a vintage worn out look. A wenge kitchen island will be a color accent and an element that anchors all the elements of the interior.

For contemporary, minimalist or hi-tech styled interiors you can choose either glossy or matte surfaces, strict geometric shapes and straight lines.

Vanilla kitchen cabinets are also suitable for decoration in ethnic style. Calm and neutral, they are an excellent backdrop for various exotic wood species with a distinctive texture, such as wenge or zebra wood.

Select the finishing materials. You can find great ideas in the gallery below for backsplash, countertops, wall color schemes, etc. You can choose artificial or natural stone, glass, granite, solid wood or any other material that will work with the design and style concept. It is advisable to decide whether you prefer contrast color combinations like vanilla kitchen cabinets and coffee brown granite countertop or solid wood countertop.

When you opt for vanilla kitchen cabinets it is better not to purchase household appliances in the same tone unless you deliberately seek a seamless appearance. Appliances like stove, hood, refrigerator, as an element of novelty and modernity, should somehow stand out in the room. Stainless steel will add a modern sheen to your interiorc and if you plan a more vintage appearance, an antique stove in black will become a color accent and a focal point.

If the interior of the kitchen is based on beige shades, it is better to choose lamps with warm light which will make the colors soft and calming. Cold light, as we already mentioned, is not beneficiary to vanilla color as it looks grayish and lifeless.

The best accessories for vanilla kitchen cabinets are are small accents in chocolate or espresso color. Bold bright red or purple splashes, touches of orange or green are also a good choice and will make the atmosphere more vivid and vibrant.


Vanilla kitchen cabinets and ideas for successful color schemes and combinations

kitchen cabinets ideas dark wood flooring

Choosing the right color scheme and color combinations for your kitchen is one of the key to a balanced and harmonious interior. Vanilla kitchen cabinets are universal and can be combined with many other colors.

Often designers choose dual tone kitchen cabinets where vanilla is combined with dark brown tones, typically a dark bottom and a light top. Vanilla and wenge is a unique and stylish combination with a great visual interest.

Vanilla color refers to off white colors and some people even consider it as a part of the pastel group, so it will combine very well with similar gentle shades, for example, caramel, powder, cream, gray-white. However an interior in such shades will need at least one contrasting accent, for example, a dark table top. It is easy to combine cream with green shades, such as mint, pistachio or olive tones. You can combine shades from a more relaxed palette and combine vanilla with shades like lilac, pale blues or turquoise. Rich blue, emerald and malachite shades are also great complementary colors.

Bright accent colors will revitalize the interior. These can be orange, mint, scarlet, blue, green, etc.

Vanilla kitchen cabinets will stand out and look exceptionally impressive against a background of dark, contrasting colors from the dark brown palette – chocolate, mocha, espresso, cocoa, taupe, walnut, etc.

There is an on-going dispute about the choice and which one comes first – the choice of furniture or the choice of style. There is not a right answer. Some people use the help of professional designers while others prefer to buy a modular kitchen and start from there. There are many different ways to introduce complementary or contrasting colors in a kitchen with vanilla cabinets. Flooring, backsplash, countertop, wall paint color, curtains, dining furniture, upholstery, wall decoration and accessories, house plants, etc. It is important to take your time, choose a design, carefully plan the layout, the color scheme and find all the materials and elements that you will need for you impeccable kitchen interior.

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Look at the gallery below to find inspiration and see fantastic examples of color combinations, surfaces, flooring options, furniture, lighting and textures. We are certain that you will find some great ideas for your own gorgeous kitchen with vanilla cabinets.



vanilla kitchen gray wall color farmhouse sink

traditional kitchen with farmhouse sink and tile flooring

rustic kitchen vanilla color cabinets tile backsplash apron sink

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off white vanilla cream cabinets and granite countertops

off white cabinets stainless steel appliances mediterranean kitchen ideas

off white colors vanilla kitchen cabinets with granite countertops tile flooring

luxurious kitchen designs chandelier granite countertops vanilla cabinets

large open plan kitchen wood flooring kitchen island

kitchen remodel ideas vanilla color cabinets granite countertops

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French country style kitchen with vanilla cabinets and blue island




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