Antique stoves – historic charm and elegance in the kitchen

by Kremy

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Antique stoves are coming back to kitchen design and many people are attracted by their historic charm. Classic models have become iconic and leaders in the production of kitchen appliances offer stoves with an antique look which look strikingly beautiful. Some people call them retro, others call antique stoves “vintage” – what is the difference?

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The terms do not have clear time limits, but is considered to be generally accepted rule that retro is appropriate when considering items from 1940-1950 period, while vintage much older. Whether you prefer an antique stove from the Victorian era or a mid-century retro model, these stoves can be incorporated in either retro kitchen interiors and even in modern ones.

The memories of Granny’s stove in modern homes

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms for any housewife and that is the reason why so much attention is paid to the design and interior. Depending on the size, layout, and overall style of the home kitchen interiors can be very different, ranging from modern high-tech style and ending with the rustic and country styles. Antique stoves are gaining popularity not only for the nostalgic feelings that they evoke but because they work with many different styles – rustic, country, Mediterranean and even modern. Yes, they have no digital displays, no controls infrared sensors and delayed start or cooking time control. They have an incredible charm and the lack of electronics does not affect the high quality of food. Having a vintage or antique stove in a modern style kitchen immediately changes the atmosphere in the room and you get a feeling of being back in time. Antique wood stoves add to the homey ambience as the scent of real wood is so natural and can hardly be imitated. Of course, the warmth emitted by an antique wood burning stove is absolutely unique.

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Antique stoves in the Victorian era were made from cast iron and designed to burn wood, coal, or both. Nowadays they have a high value and have become a desired item for many collectors. They are richly decorated with ornaments and are an eye catching piece of kitchen furniture which has its own decorative value.

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Retro stoves are especially in demand for vintage style kitchen. Appliances in vintage style are usually quite expensive, sometimes with a higher price tag from many modern technology stoves. But if you want a true and authentic retro or vintage interior for your kitchen – that’s the way to go – the kitchen equipment with retro design will make the kitchen spectacular and stylish.

Antique stoves in modern kitchen designs

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We selected some especially attractive antique stoves and you will see how they are incorporated in different kitchen interiors. The designs are time proven and these vintage stoves a powerful statement offering the efficiency and elegance of the times gone by. When you choose your vintage or antique stove, it is very important to make sure that it has been properly restored so that it will function perfectly. Another option is to choose a new stove with a retro design and there are a number of manufacturers who offer high end stoves with beautiful and striking look. Enjoy the gallery below and find your antique stove!

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Rustic kitchen furniture antique stove dining table brick wall

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retro kitchen design ideas antique stoves vintage stoves

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Modern with antique stove wood floor dining table

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Historic kitchen remodel antique stove ideas white cabinets

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