Modern kitchen design – 50 stylish dream kitchen interior ideas

by Kremy

modern kitchen design black kitchen cabinets kitchen island marble front granite countertop

Nowadays, with the popularity of open floor plan, the kitchen is not only a functional space – it has become a real eye-catcher in the interior. Modern kitchen design features simple lines, gloss finish of the cabinets or natural materials. Modular cabinet systems can be arranged in accordance with he room size. We will show you 50 stylish examples of successful interior designs and somewhere in the gallery may be your dream kitchen!

Planning the space

open plan kitchen dining room wood cabinet fronts floor tiles


Modern kitchen design begins with the planning stage – measuring the available space and the creation of a sketch, marking windows, doors and connections. The second step is making a list of what you want to have in your dream kitchen – which appliances, what number of kitchen cabinets, a sink, an island, breakfast bar, breakfast nook, range, hood, etc. Then all the appliances and cabinets are arranged in the space so you have an idea of the layout.

dream kitchen design ideas backsplash ideas kitchen island with seating white countertop

Designers usually keep to the rule for the distance between the refrigerator-sink-stove which should not be more than 1.5 meters. The second most important element of your future functional and comfortable dream kitchen is the countertop – the more surface you have, the better. Storage space and organizers are of great importance as well, so do not overlook that!

Modern kitchen design with an island

kitchen ideas modern design wood kitchen island original lighting fixtures

The modern kitchen has become an inseparable part of the living area – the gloss finish of the cabinets and the simplicity of modern kitchen design create a visual connection between the different areas. The island has become a major element in the design as it offers seating for the family members, on one hand, and on the other hand, it provides additional storage space for crockery and cutlery. An island should be arranged at a minimum distance of 1 meter to the cabinets. There are many ways to install an island, even in small kitchens so that they will not look cluttered.

white kitchen yellow accents modern chairs ceiling lighting open wall shelves

Open plan concept offers many opportunities but also many challenges. The key to successful open plan kitchen design is to combine the areas visually by color. That does not mean that you need to paint all the walls in the same color, but to select a color palette for the whole room. For example, if you want to have an interior with natural ambience, choose green, and shades of wood and use them to decorate the two areas. Add matching home accessories that repeat these colors.

Minimalist white design


A small space with modern design

modern kitchen design red kitchen cabinets gloss finish kitchen island pendant lamps

The black accent wall enhances the beautiful wood

modern kitchen design ideas wood flooring wood cabinets black accent wall

Vibrant yellow countertop

contemporary kitchen ideas yellow countertop breakfast bar

Black and white interior design in minimalist style

modern design ideas minimalist kitchen white cabinets

Spectacular island with sculptural design

awesome kitchen design metal island sculptural shape open shelves

Beautiful dark colors interior with modern lighting

contemporary kitchen design ideas LED lighting open shelves

A fantastic marble backsplash as a decoration

white kicthen design ideas marble backsplash wood countertop

The silver tile backsplash is an eye catching element

kicthen design ideas metal mosaic tile backsplash wooden cabinet fronts

Modern interior with a rustic flair

modern kitchen ideas contemporary lighting fixture kitchen island with seating

Fascinating black and white interior

gorgeous kitchen design white cabinets onyx island modern lighting

open floor plan kitchen ideas island marble countertop original chandelier

modern minimalist kitchen design wood flooring white cabinets green countertop

modern kitchen retro style glass countertop wood cabinets

modern kitchen ideas minimalist design wood cabinets kitchen island white dining table

kitchen furniture ideas white upper cabinets wood front low cabinets kitchen island

kitchen design ideas white blue colors LED lighting stainless steel countertop

kicthen design ideas island cooktop breakfast bar

creative kitchen design ideas U shaped wood cabinet fronts

corner ideas modern design wood cabinets leather bar stools

contemporary ideas wood cabinets white countertops

kitchen ideas wood cabinets marble countertop kitchen island

contemporary kitchen ideas steel counter hood kitchen cabinets

contemporary kitchen ideas gray colors steel cabinets ceiling lighting

contemporary kitchen design white gray interior white cabinets gray wall tiles

contemporary kitchen design ideas black cabinets wood kitchen island

kitchen design glass backsplash wood cabinets tile flooring

white kitchen design minimalist style wooden dining table with benches

small kitchen ideas modern design white table modern lighting white cabinets

modern kitchen white cabinets wooden front marble countertop

modern ideas concrete sink sofa

interior design black cabinets stainless steel backsplash bar stools

modern wooden mini pendants black accent wall

 cabinets fronts wooden with seating

modern kitchen ideas seating granite countertop wood flooring

modern kitchen design open floor plan wooden aquarium

ideas wood flooring large wooden breakfast bar

modern design ideas minimalist gray cabinets black countertop dark

 ideas minimalist concrete island white countertop

ideas wood cabinet fronts stainless steel countertop

kicthen design ideas white with seating steel chandelier

futuristic black glass front

 island white flooring wood cabinets

contemporary 3d backsplash tile wooden cabinets with sink

contemporary white blue cabinets white island

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