40 ideas for naturally beautiful hickory cabinets in the kitchen

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When it comes to kitchen cabinets, the choices are endless – styles, designs, materials – hundreds and hundreds of options. It is not a surprise that many people turn to natural materials for their home interior and we have collected 40 ideas to show you the beauty of hickory cabinets in the kitchen.


Hickory cabinets in the kitchen have a distinctive character

rustic kitchen hickory cabinets hardwood flooring wood ceiling

Hickory is a very hard, heavy and dense wood, which makes it a very good choice for kitchen cabinets due to its natural beauty and durability. The color varies from light to dark with strong grain texture. Often hickory cabinets in the kitchen are associated with rustic, country or Mediterranean style, but the material has found its place in modern designs too. Hickory wood can have a really dramatic appearance and whether in the light or darker shades, your kitchen will be a very appealing one and an immediate conversational topic.

Hickory cabinets in the kitchen – useful tips

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Hickory wood is considered to be one of the heaviest, hardest and strongest commercial woods on the market which determines its relatively higher price which is the reason why hickory cabinets are a bit more costly than other materials or types of wood. However, the individuality and the character of the wood are worth the investment. Hickory kitchen cabinets will last a lifetime and what is more important – they are very easy to maintain. The maintenance does not require any additional efforts – wiping the cabinets with a soft dry cloth if there is a spill of a liquid, sponge them off with diluted soap and water, rinse and dry and your hickory kitchen cabinets will be one-of-a-kind for a long, long time.


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