Modern curtain rods – an important detail in the curtains selection

by Kremy

elegant double curtain rod metal

The curtains in our home are an important detail in the overall picture, but their choice is not simple. Equally important are the curtain rods and we will try to give you some valuable information. Before you buy modern curtain rods, you need to know some basic things about them.

 Modern curtain rods made of metal and fascinating curtains designs

double curtain rod home interior design window treatment


First, we must determine how we want to attach the curtain rods. There are four basic ways to install curtain rods – they can be bolted to the ceiling, to the wall, on the window or directly to the window frame. You need to decide whether you prefer single or double curtain rods and this decision will depend in which room of the house you intend to place the rods. For example, you will hardly need double rods in the bathroom or powder room, but they would be essential for the bedroom curtains to block light when you need to.

 Important tips before buying curtain rods

modern curtain rods curtain brackets

Before buying, you need to measure the length of the curtain rod, how high it will be mounted so that it is not too long. Before mounting the curtain rod, determine their distance from the wall and windows. Do not forget to take into account the width of the window sill and radiator, if there is one. We are facing a wide range of choices when it comes to the materials used for the curtain rod. The most popular modern curtain rods are usually made of metal, wood, or strong aluminum. Metal curtain rods are characterized by extraordinary elegance, modernity and originality. Wooden modern curtain rods again emphasize the beautiful classic natural decor. Of course, the range is constantly enriched with new shapes, colors and designs.

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 Double rods are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms

double curtain rod contemporary living room window treatment


 The double curtains require relevant rods

double curtain rod contemporary dining room

 Shower curtain rod with original design

shower curtain rods spiral shape

 Creative idea for a curtain rod in the kid’s room

creative curtain rods ideas sea theme

Bay window with creative curtains design bay windows original curtains dining room

 Bedroom with double curtains

double curtain rod contemporary bedroom window treatment

double curtain rod bedroom curtains ideas

curtain rod brackets window treatment ideas

curtain brackets modern home window treatment

 brackets modern home interior design

 brackets hooks cretive curtains ideas

curtain brackets dragons kids room window treatment

shower curtain rod small bathroom ideas

shower curtain rods bathtub curtain

shower curtain rod ideas designs

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outdoor curtain rods brackest hooks patio design

modern bedroom interior design gray shades

double contemporary bedroom interior design

curtain rods ideas living room curtains modern home interior

creative branch blue curtain




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