Wall mounted wine racks – how to use them as interior decoration

by Kremy

modern home decoration ideas wall mounted wine rack

Wall mounted wine racks, as the name implies, is a furniture attached to the wall, providing storage for our wine collection in the room and allows us to save as much living space as possible. Wall shelves open a full view of the collection, allowing you to proudly show it to the guests. Wall mounted wine racks can also be modular, so at any time they may be increased to a size, matching the needs.

 Wall mounted wine racks – right preservation of the wine

contemporary wine cellar design with wall mounted wine racks


Wall mounted wine racks do not belong to wine cellars only. People who want to use the wine rack as a decorative element, can find many models which feature an original design and are incredibly attractive, so they can be easily combined with the interior of the room. Such wine racks add more to the style and charm of the house. Connoisseurs of fine like to keep at least a few bottles of the beverage in the house. What is of great importance for the storage of wine is a constant and low temperature, as well as the fact that bottles should not be exposed to vibrations. That is the reason why many people consider the wine coolers inappropriate. It is also important that the bottles were stored in a horizontal position so that the cork doesn’t get dry, and there were no chemical reactions in the beverage.

Wall mounted wine racks – an attractive element of the interior decor

wall mounted wine racks iron wine rack

Wall mounted wine racks are designed with a great attention to detail for easy placement of bottles and exhibiting them in a favorable light. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of materials, – old wooden wine boxes, steel iron, colors and panel frame, which makes the wine racks an unique and exclusive element of the interior of the home. Many people believe that the change in the interior is a time consuming task which requires a large financial cost, but this is not quite so. For a fairly reasonable price, you can transform the interior of your home and add an eye catching accent to the decor of the kitchen, dining room or living room.

wrought iron wine glass rack wine storage solutions

 A small wine shelf for the kitchen

wine storage ideas wall-mounted wine racks glass holder

 A display of the wine collection in the living room

contemporary family room wall-mounted wine rack

An original wall decoration

wine storage ideas wall-mounted wine racks
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 An ideal wedding or housewarming gift

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DIY wall mounted rack wood wooden pallets

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