Cowhide rug – the rustic charm in contemporary decor

by Kremy

Modern living room dark flooring white cowhide rug seating area

The cowhide rug has become a trendy and fashionable accent in modern homes. We are used to think of leather, skin, wood and stone and connect them with country and rustic houses. Designers took this item and transformed it in such a way that it looks fabulous in contemporary interiors. You can see a stunning variety of objects made of cowhide – from decorative cowhide pillows, cowhide coasters, cowhide purses or handbags, business card cover sets, cowhide jewelry boxes and the list goes on and on.

ikea cowhide rug white living room furniture hardwood flooring


Cowhide rugs are like any other type of rugs. You can use them as area rugs in any room – living room, bedroom, home office, even in the entryway. A natural cowhide type of rug or a faux one – this is up to the homeowner to decide. If you appreciate natural colors, then you will love the unique, individual look of these rugs like black and white spots or brown and white, just plain black, brown or white. Among the main characteristics of these rugs are the durability and uniqueness as the color, size and marks are individual for each separate piece. Cowhides rugs can be custom-made with beautiful “patch-work” patterns and become a stunning accent rug and a key element in your home decor.

Home entry bright pink cowhide rug interior color accent

Cowhide rugs are professionally tanned. Also the hair has to be treated with the best chemicals available so that it won’t smell and wouldn’t fall off easily. Look for the best quality, so that your rug does not crack or shed. Most reputable countries of origin for a high quality cowhide leather rug are Argentina, Brazil or France. The most popular cowhide type of rugs are “chromium tanned”. The rugs require regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Cowhide can be wiped with a damp (not wet) cloth in the direction of the hair, but it should never be washed in a washing machine. Absorb spills with paper towels, without rubbing the rug, and clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The right maintenance will make sure that your beautiful carpet will be as good as new for many years.

decorating with cowhide rugs bedroom design cottage style stone wall

A cowhide leather rug can be a wonderful decoration in the interior design and add a stylish and sophisticated accent. For the followers of the “green” movement, stores offer imitation skins so they can take advantage of that without any worries for the population of animal species. Faux cowhide leather rugs allow you to cover large areas and soften the tone of the official leather furniture, for example.

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