The beautiful Bianco Romano granite countertops in modern kitchens

by Kremy

Bianco Romano granite countertops dark kitchen cabinets contemporary kitchen ideas

Bianco Romano is a granite which is quarried in Brazil. It is also known as White Romano, Blanco Romano, Novo Branco Romano,  Bianca Romano, Pashmina and Tropical White. The variety of names refers to one and the same beautiful stone which has found its place in both commercial and residential areas and is widely used in interior and exterior. We will pay attention to the beautiful Bianco Romano granite countertops in modern kitchens.

Bianco Romano granite countertops – colors and patterns

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Bianco Romano is a very hard granite, mainly white with grey, cream and tan veining. It strongly resembles marble, there are spots of burgundy flecks which gives the granite its unique character. The pattern and coloring may not be the same on one slab or another, and it is recommended to select your exact slabs carefully. Usually the slab gets a polished finish and that is how you will find it at the supplier. Bianco Romano granite countertops have a pearl effect on their surface and provide an aesthetically pleasant, elegant look to any kitchen and a touch of exclusivity.

How to select the best colors of kitchen cabinets with Bianco Romano granite countertops

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If you wanted a smooth, clean and relaxed atmosphere, Bianco Romano granite will match perfectly in your kitchen. The granite offers colors and shades that work well with many different cabinet colors and styles. Bianco Romano granite countertops can be paired with light or dark shaded cabinets as the universal color of the granite goes with any shades of cabinets. Small kitchen areas will be complemented by light cabinets – white, creamy or gray. These colors will open the space visually and the kitchen will look bigger. Dark kitchen cabinets will give you a contrast and if that is the effect you’re looking for you can be sure that the contrasting color will give your kitchen a gorgeous look. Your kitchen will have a really striking look if you paired the granite with black cabinets. Some slabs have grayish hues and gray cabinets also blend nicely and elegantly with Bianco Romano. Black, blue, brown or green shades for the cabinets will provide this stunning effect. Wood finishes like mahogany and cherry will also look great because of the contrast. The best wall colors for the kitchen would be the light and neutral ones – creamy shades and pale grays will be the most aesthetically pleasing and complementary to your countertop.


How to maintain your Bianco Romano granite countertop?


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Those who have decided to renovate or simply upgrade their kitchen and are attracted by this unique granite should carefully inform themselves for the maintenance so that the countertop looks at it best at any time and serve you for many years without losing its striking appearance. Granite, in general, is very hard and durable material, yet it does require some maintenance.

Typically, during the polishing process, the surface of the slabs gets a coat of epoxy resin which fills any natural cracks or fissures that may exist in the stone and this process is known as “sealing”. Sealing is recommended for all natural stone products as it extends their longevity. There is no need to worry that the sealing will affect the appearance or the quality of your Bianco Romano granite countertop. Follow the general rules for daily granite countertop maintenance and cleaning which do not require a lot of effort and are not time consuming at all.

Remember that foods and beverages which contain acid – wine, coffee, fruit juices, etc. -may stain the surface of the granite countertop, so use a cutting board.

Wipe up all spills with a soft, wet cloth as soon as possible.

It is advisable that you reseal your granite countertop at least once a year, and if necessary, twice per year. As we said, sealing is essential, as it helps to slow down absorption of liquids.

The daily maintenance includes cleaning of the surface with a sponge or soft cloth.

Avoid cleaners which contain bleach, degreasers, glass cleaners or any other household cleaners that contain acids, alkalis or other strong chemicals as well as abrasive cleaners.

The surface of the countertop should be protected from hot pans and pots since a sudden shock may cause a crack, so use hot pads or trivets.

If your Bianco Romano granite countertop gets stained, it is better to try and identify the type of stain. Before using any cleaning products, try some homemade stain removal options.

Make a mixture of one cup of flour, 1-2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, and water. Place this paste over the stain, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it overnight. Use a wooden spoon or wooden spatula to scrape away the paste from the countertop surface. Rinse with clear water and dry immediately. This method is suitable for polished surfaces and should help you clean almost any stains, except those made of grease or oil. Do not use it on honed surfaces.

To remove oil or fat stains mix together molding plaster and water. Apply it on the stain and leave it for three. Remove the paste and and rinse.

Coffee, tea, or fruit stains can be removed from the granite with a mixture of 12% hydrogen peroxide and water.


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