Storage cabinet design with intriguing optical effect

by Kremy

contemporary furniture design Leon storage cabinet

Leon is a storage cabinet, created by StH for Horm, which plays with an impressive optical effect and it looks different depending on the point of observation. The front doors are crafted with a pattern of multi-colored vertical lines, but observing them sideways, the homogeneity prevails light or dark. Even when painted white, the optical illusion  works thanks to the play of shadows created with ambient light.

vertical lines front door pattern creates shadow effect depending on angle


The structure of the storage cabinet created by StH for Horm is made of particleboard, either veneered and stained or melamine-coated and lacquered. The thickness of the structure and shelves is 18 mm, the back panel 10 mm, and the fixed central divider 36 mm. Doors with triangular section inserts made from stained or lacquered beech. Shelves can be made from transparent tempered glass, with polished edge. As optional accessories you may choose shelf for glasses, extractable cutlery box, extractable CD holder box, extractable tray or  wood shelves. Leon is available in several finishes – white lacquered, cherry and mocha beech, whitened beech and bois blond.

modern furniture storage cabinet leon veneered particleboard

The cabinet is very functional and will easily find its place in any modern home. Due to the variety of sizes and finishes you can choose as per your individual need. It looks quite modern in a kitchen area and also is an elegant accent in a contemporary living room or dining room. With the straight lines and original front the appearance changes whenever the light changes and the vision of the cabinet for storage is adopting interesting intriguing shades.

white cabinet furniture design living room dining room kitchen

unique original design vertical lines create differen tshadows

cabinet design optical effect leon living room interior

versatile storage cabinet dining room furniture design

stylish interior living dining room storage cabinet

stylish furniture ecclectic interior design cabinet wall art

original furniture design ideas leon cabinet modern dining room

modern kitchen white blends in the interior

modern white kitchen furniture white shelves table chairs

leon storage cabinet white kitchen furniture

dining room furniture white cabinet

contemporary home interior storage minimalist

living rom interior storage Leon

minimalist interior low cofee table

creative cabinet ideas optic shadow effect front doors cabinet

stylish furniture ideas contemporary storage vcabinets different finishes

living room furniture vertical lines effect metal base

broun front metal base minimalist home furniture

Leon storage cabinet optic effect different shades

interior ideas minimalist modern furniture

big variety front door options Leon cabinet modern interior


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