32 beautiful water features for gardens to create a true oasis

by Kremy

water features for small gardens green landscape flowers wood interesting element

Water features for gardens are a real highlight in any outdoor area! That’s why you do not need to hesitate long. They transform the modern garden into a true natural paradise where you can relax and spend quality time with your family or friends. Quite often the water feature in the patio becomes a focal point while the soft sound has a relaxing effect on everyone.

Ideas for beautiful and exciting water features for gardens

natural look waterfall green landscape outdoor area natural stone wall water feature


We have collected some ideas for water features for gardens which you may find helpful. Magnificent combinations of waterfalls, ponds and streams are incredibly appealing in the outdoor space. If you are looking for a water feature for a small garden – a mini fountain or a mini pond will suit you perfectly. The perfect garden design is based on original and innovative design ideas. You can build it next to the entrance of your home or as a centerpiece in the patio. There are many options of sizes and shapes and it will not be difficult to find one that fits your outdoor space.

Attractive water features for gardens to complement your landscape design

water fire garden decoration fountain waterfall fresh accent

To make your outdoor area more attractive, make sure that the fountains in the garden are surrounded by the right plants. Water features for gardens give you a vast choice – from garden ponds, bubbling fountains or streams – depending on the free space and your own preferences. Each of these garden elements would please the eye and serve as a special accent in your garden. The essence of water alone revives the atmosphere and gives a fresh, natural touch.

  water pond large area nice brick wall garden water features

Water is a powerful element and has many applications. If you want to create a peaceful and tranquil garden, a pond will not only add to the feeling of peace, but its reflective surface will double the beautiful landscape. Classic or modern fountains are always an eye-catcher in every garden. A centerpiece of the landscape design, the fountain adds character, style and elegance. You can create a calming environment in any garden with a waterfall. Cascading features are another excellent choice for the outdoor seating area and you can sit back and enjoy the soothing sound.

 Beautiful garden decoration idea

water features in garden luxury house plants green white


 Blooming plants and running water –  pleasing for the eyes and the soul

water features ideas garden waterfall natural stone flowers

Modern design suitable for a small patio

water features for patio and garden design ideas white wall waterfall

 Simple design and great effect

water feature for gardens design ideas hedge simple design

A splendid fountain for the rooftop balcony

rooftop balcony water feature city garden roof design ideas

A pond is the natural addition to a fountain

water features for gardens beautiful design wooden bowl waterfall pond

The plants complement the water feature in the patio

water features for gardens patio decoration lush planting

The small garden is even more attractive with a water feature

water features for small gardens nice design tips wood green elements

water features for small gardens innovative creative ideas tree

water features for patios pool outdoor area design ideas

water features for patios garden accessories ideas outdoor lighting

water features garden pond patio area open design lounge furniture

water features for gardens wood panels stone wall privacy protection

features for gardens waterfall garden rocks plants flowers

features for gardens stone decoration ideas patio decorating ideas

features for gardens outdoor area fountain decoration ideas tips

features for gardens and patios ideas tips fountain colorful flowers

features for gardens accent decorative stones lush planting

features for backyard garden stone wall wooden deck green environment


decorative stone wall privacy protection features for patios  patio small beautiful waterfall outdoor area design ideas

patio design for patios wood floor lounge furniture ideas

low garden wall bowl fountain patio ideas

garden design ideas decorative stones round shape flowerbed

garden lighting stones decoration ideas cascade

garden design ideas outdoor lighting waterfall patio

for backyard garden decoating ideas fountain


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