50 Decorating ideas for small living rooms – simple tricks that work!

by Kremy

decorating small living rooms matching colors sofa armchair side table lamps

The importance of the living room is inarguable. It is the stage of our daily life and activities. It is the place where we gather with friends and family and spend time together. It is also the place for a quiet evening after a long day and this is why we need to take care of the design of this room. There are numerous decorating ideas for small living rooms, various styles and designs and you need to think of an individual approach for the interior of your tiny living room. Classic, modern, rustic , playful – get the chance to express yourself and create your personal relaxing space. It is true – quite often, especially in urban dwellings, we have a limited space and most often living rooms are not as big and spacious as we would wish. This is when creativity and imagination and come to aid as well as helpful decorating ideas for small living rooms and the limited space can be designed in a way to make you feel cozy.

Decorating ideas for small living rooms – basic rules for space saving furniture

decorating small living rooms pale gray wall color white beige furniture


There are a few simple rules for the decorating ideas for small living rooms and you can take advantage of space saving furniture which will provide all you need to feel comfortable and yet the room will not look cluttered. Long and narrow living rooms will look even longer and narrower if you arranged a large piece of furniture, like a sofa or a wall shelving system, on the long side of the room. It is recommended that such pieces of furniture are placed in the center of the room as this will create an optical illusion for a more compact space. When furnishing and decorating tiny  living rooms try to avoid massive furniture pieces. It is better to use smaller pieces which combine several functions so that you have enough free space to manoeuvre around the furniture. For example, a two leveled coffee table can be used as storage space.

Decorating ideas for small living rooms – how to use the available space creatively

decorating rooms modern living room furniture gray floral upholstery

It happens that sometimes the living room is a transition room and people find it difficult to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, slope ceilings or niches limit the available space even more. In such cases, sliding doors will be a very good idea to close the tiny living room from the rest of the home. First, you will have the feeling of coziness, the place shall be separated from the rest of the home, so visitors will not be able to walk around if you do not want them to, and second – with a sliding door you will save a valuable space in the room. Niches can be transformed into shelves where you can display family photos or beautiful decorative pieces.

Color schemes for a tiny living room decoration

decorating rooms beach style living room white furniture orange side tables

Try to avoid dark colors as they narrow the space optically. Light, natural tones create comfort and warmth as well as a relaxed atmosphere. Light blue shades, green tones, pale gray or neutral colors will do the trick. If you are a fan of bold colors but you have a small living room, you still may experiment. A large floral, stripes, matching strong colors from same palette – it is all up to your individual taste. Remember that horizontal stripes visually widen a tiny and narrow room and vertical stripes will make a low ceiling seem taller.

Decorating ideas for small living rooms – go vertical and do not clutter the room

 small living room decorating tips ideas wall shelves daybed


Use the walls in a creative way. Except for displaying art, you can use them for storage and they will provide more storage space than you think. Walls are perfect for shelves or built-in cabinets. Be flexible and remember that bulky and large pieces of furniture are not only hard to place, but also optically limit the space. It is worth remembering that less is more, especially when we talk about a tiny living room.

The importance of the proper lighting in small living rooms

small living room decorating ideas brown beige wooden flooring suspended lighting ceiling chandelier

Make the best of your windows and choose window treatments which will let natural light in. Use mirrors – they will double the light and enlarge the space visually. Use the corners for floor lamps and add recessed lighting under the shelves. Spotlights are another excellent option.


decorating ideas for rooms modern furniture wall mirror floor lamps

Minimalist interiors are quite suitable for a small living space. The fact that the number of furniture pieces is minimal this style successfully can hide the lack of space. Designers advise that you choose multi-functional furniture, for example a sofa bed or a transforming table which you can use as a coffee table. Comfortable wall furniture will give you maximum comfort it as it does not take much space and can combine various functions – chest of drawers, wardrobe, mini bar, shelves for souvenirs and photos.

 Natural light and a mirror wall double the space of this small living room

decorating ideas for small living rooms modern furniture and lighting fixtures

  Light colors and accent stripes of upholstery create a feeling of comfort

decorating living rooms striped upholstery armchairs white sofa

 Neutral colors are accented by exotic animal patterns of the rug and sofa pillows

decorating living rooms furniture beige wall color exotic decorative accents

 A large wall mirror reflects the natural light and the glass coffee table is used as storage for magazines

decorating rooms wal mirror glass coffee table sofa decorative pillows

 Purple color attracts the attention in a long and narrow living room

decorating rooms long narrow room skylight suspended ceiling

Black and white furniture complemented by a red sofa

decorating ideas for living rooms sofa dining area

Small living room in neutral colors and elegant table lamps

 room decorating ideas two seater sofa armchairs small coffee table

White interior with gray accents and colorful decorative pillows

small living room design ideas white furniture grayrug floor lamp

Wall stripes define the living room area accented by decorative pillows

 room decorating ideas corner sofa area rug vertical wall stripes

decorating small living rooms traditional interior orange console table accent

small living room decorating ideas brown color shades green decorative pillows

decorating small living rooms soft beige yellow colors orange accents

decorating small living rooms small sofas fireplace

decorating small living rooms open built in shelves beige sofa white walls

decorating small living rooms modern living room white gray colors

small living room decorating ideas brown corner sofa small coffee tables

decorating small living rooms gray wall color green accents modern chandelier

decorating small living rooms contemporary family room interior white sofas shaggy rug

decorating small living rooms brown shades sofa area rug yellow decorative pillows glass coffee table

small narrow living room decoration ideas blue sofa wall painting wooden chairs

small living room with dining area dark wood floor cream wall color

decorating ideas for small living rooms color palette black white gray small dining area

small living room decoration small apartment dark floor white furniture

small living room decorating ideas yellow sofa exposed ceiling beams modern pendant lighting fixtures

decorating ideas for small rooms red color accents white sofa bamboo flooring

small room decorating ideas white furniture fireplace wall art

small room decorating ideas classic style upholstered furniture sofa yellow wallpaper wall shelves

decorating ideas for small rooms ottoman side lamps

small room decorating ideas chocolate brown wall color white furniture

small room decorating ideas brown white cream colors suspended ceiling

decorating ideas for small rooms wall mounted cabinets shelves

decorating ideas for small rooms two small coffee tables corner floor lamp small sofa

decorating ideas for small living rooms two seater sofa earthy color armchairs wooden floor

decorating ideas for small rooms stone wall comfortable sofa armchair

ideas for rooms red sofa and armchair area rug small coffee table

rooms modern furniture white brown stone wall

ideas for rooms neutral color palette natural light sofa

ideas for rooms modern pendant lighting steel fireplace frame

ideas for rooms minimalist style small sofa original coffee table

ideas for rooms minimalist style furniture

ideas for rooms light colors small coffee table sofa

ideas for rooms gray color palette comfortable sofa TV

ideas for rooms beige brown colors ceiling chandelier focal point

room ideas white sofa blue carpet decorative pillows


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