Unique pools with waterfalls – cool water features for the patio

by Kremy

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We will show you 20 amazing pools with waterfalls to inspire you for this fabulous water feature. If you have a swimming pool in the backyard you can create your own little oasis and paradise on earth. You will agree that sometimes swimming is just not enough. Why not take your summer pleasures to a whole new level? Why not add a modern and eye catching water feature to your pool and make it even more attractive for your kids, family and friends?

amazing pool waterfalls design pool water features


Everyone loves waterfalls and can watch the running water for hours. Nothing can compare with the uniqueness of a stunning waterfall. It will be a great addition to the swimming pool and the favorite place for your children. Imagine what your pool and waterfall will look like in the evening when lighted by the outdoor lights! Why not combine both main elements – water and fire? Such designs are not only impressive but absolutely magnifying. You could add a water slide for even more fun and your backyard pool will be the perfect place for summer fun games. Many people believe that pools with waterfalls are insanely expensive! Not always! There are many kinds of waterfalls and you can be creative and fit into a budget.

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Pools with waterfall designs were a symbol of success and high social status. Until some years ago they could be seen at prestigious resorts or large hotels. However many homeowners also make their choice in favor of swimming pools with waterfalls as this is a great attraction for children of all ages, who love to play in water and with water. You should consider the installation of a waterfall at the design stage as the design of a waterfall requires a separate set of equipment. Building a waterfall for the pool can be achieved in a variety of ways – starting from the construction of a complex system of cascades of artificial rocks and boulders to modern installation options and shiny metal waterfalls.

  decorative rocks pool with slide

swimming pool with slide and waterfall spectacular pool design

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