What Color for Thinning Hair Is Best? 6 Shades to Make Your Fine Mane Look Thicker and 3 to Avoid

by Kremy

Do you have fine hair? Are you looking for ways to give it more body and make it look thicker? Change your hair color! Yes, there really is a hair color for thinning hair that can make it look thicker. Which one will you choose for you? And what are the shades to avoid at all costs?

what color for thinning hair is best

What Is the Best Color for Thinning Hair?

Over the past few years, I have been losing my hair a lot and it is becoming thinner and thinner. I have tried several drugstore products, grandmother’s remedies, masks and shampoos, but the results are only temporary. When I decided to give up coloring in order to give my weakened hair a rest, I talked to my hairdresser about it. However, what he told me completely changed my mind. In fact, some hair colors are said to be better for thinning hair and can even make it look thicker and fuller! Yes, really girls! I’ve tested it and the results are truly breathtaking! So what hair color for thinning hair did my hairdresser recommend? What are the 6 best colors for fine hair?

How to Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker? Try Multi-Tone Balayage

what is the best color for thinning hair balayage


Generally, when hair is dyed in one shade, it becomes more difficult to maintain it. And if you don’t have time for visits to the hairdresser every three weeks, your color begins to look unkempt, which, as you can imagine, is even worse for thinning hair! And that’s where multi-tone balayage comes in!

Multi-tone balayage is a great color for thinning hair that blends well with your natural hair color giving it a more voluminous and dimensional look. Choose between face-framing highlights, fine highlights, balayage or ombré. In addition, all these techniques are very rejuvenating for women over 50 if you combine them with a bob haircut, for example!

Color for Thinning Hair: Neutral Blond

what is the best color for thinning hair blonde

Blonde is a very beautiful hair color in itself and can be worn at all ages! Luckily, neutral blonde is also a perfect color for thinning hair, especially if you have pale, white skin. It is a very good choice to conceal the visible skull and fine roots.

Shadow Roots: The Perfect Coloring Technique for Age-Related Fine Hair

best color for thinning hair shadow roots

If you are over 40, 50, 60 or even 70 or your hair has become thinner after the menopause, consider the shadow roots technique! What is this? It’s when you leave your roots in their natural color without making a clear boundary between natural hair and the artificial coloring that blends in without a trace. It’s very trendy, the result is really beautiful and maintenance is even easier since the hair grows back without being visible. The hair, on the other hand, looks thicker and fuller!

Dark Chocolate Brown

brown color for thinning hair 2023 trends

According to my hairstylist, dark colors (but not too extreme!) are always best for fine, damaged hair. So, if you still haven’t made up your mind and are looking for hair color for thinning hair, go for dark chocolate! This shade is super trendy for 2023 and looks elegant and sophisticated! In addition, it goes well with all skin tones without exception!

Auburn Coloring to Bring Joy Back to Your Fine Hair

red hair highlights balayage auburn coloring trend

Auburn hair color comes in a range of red shades that can be lighter or darker. But why is it a good choice for those with fine or thinning hair? Being such a rich and intense shade, it creates the illusion of more depth in the hair turning the flaw into an asset. Go for a medium brown in the roots and an auburn red shade on the lengths. And to further enhance the effect of this color, combine with beautiful curls that create volume or wear a modern short cut!

Smoky Gray for Women Over 50 or 60

gray hair women over 60 thin sparse hair

Although it may seem a little surprising, dark gray is a great color for thinning hair, especially if you are over 50 or 60! Gray hair is a huge trend in the hairdressing world and goes well with all skin tones and hair textures! This color creates a very strong illusion of thick, voluminous hair and is easy to maintain if you already have natural gray locks!

What Hair Colors Should You Avoid At All Costs if You Have Fine Hair?

what colors to avoid for thin hair

Just as there are perfect colors for thinning hair, there are some shades to avoid at all costs. Which ones?

  • Too dark or black hair color: These colors are usually too strong and this makes the hair appear even thinner and the skull is visible.
  • Colors that are very close to your skin color: They create absolutely no contrast between your hair and your face and make you look too pale. What’s more, your hair looks too flat.
  • A single color for the whole head: As we said earlier in the article, if you want to give your hair more dimension, opt for highlights, balayage or shadow roots!



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