How to Wash Lingerie the Right Way Protecting the Form and Keeping Vibrancy and Longevity?

by Snezhana Besarabova

Lingerie is fine attire, which requires more special washing to maintain its shape, preserving the delicate fibers, and keeping its longevity. Can you clean these underwear items to leave them as comfortable and beautiful, as they were before? Let’s see how to wash lingerie peaces according to their types, extending their life, protecting form and the vibrancy of colors.

How to Wash Lingerie to Make them Last Longer?

how to wash lingerie with lace on hand

You should be careful when washing your lingerie to preserve them for longer, taking in mind that they are made from fine materials:

  • Consider handwashing: It’s a reliable method for washing most kinds of clothing. Pour lukewarm water in a basin with a little amount of mild detergent for delicate fabrics.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or bleach: They can damage fast the fine fibers and elastic content in the underwear. The best detergent should be with neutral pH and with mild action to keep the delicate materials intact.
  • Sort by colors: Separate your underwear by color, when preparing the items for washing. Treating dark or colored peaces separately will not allow dye the white items, and preserve the colors’ brightness.
  • Do not twist items much: Active scrubbing or twisting can tear the lace or fine fabrics. Lightly agitate by hand instead.

Can You Wash Lingerie in the Washing Machine?

how to wash lingerie in a laundry bag with cold water


Some pieces of underwear, made from cotton or resistant fabrics, can be laundered safely in the washing machine. However, you’d better know how to wash lingerie in that way, taking some precautions:

  1. Utilize a laundry bag: Fill a mesh bag with your underwear before to place it in the washing machine. This will separate delicate fabrics from other clothes, and from the walls of the mashing machine.
  2. Set on a gentle cycle: Choose a delicate cycle with cold water to lower the stress on the lingerie during the washing treatment.
  3. Do not switch on high spin: High speed can injure the elasticity and deform your lingerie. Consider a lower spin speed or miss it from your laundry cycle.
  4. Fasten hooks and closure parts: This measure is needed to prevent from catching the items on other peaces of clothes in the washing machine.
  5. Limit the frequency of laundering: While it’s time-saving and reasonable to machine wash the more resistant pieces of underwear, it’s wise to alternate this type of laundering with handwashing to keep them in right condition.

How to Wash Cotton Underwear?

how to wash lingerie in washing machine on a gentle cycle

Cotton lingerie is just for the hot summer days! The natural material from which it is made, makes it rather more durable than delicate fabrics. Nevertheless, proper washing will elongate its life:

  1. Machine laundering: This type of underwear are in most cases suitable for machine washing. Separate the items by color and wash with similar clothing.
  2. Cold water cycle: Lukewarm water helps to keep the color and shape of the cotton items while preventing shrinking.
  3. Do not add softener: Fabric softeners are able to lower the water penetration of cotton fibers, which may cause inefficient washing. It’s better to exclude the use of fabric softeners in this case.
  4. Tumble dry on low heat: Switch on low heat cycle to prevent them from possible shrinkage.
  5. Dry on air in shade: The most suitable way to dry cotton underwear is to hang it outdoors in a shaded area. Direct sunlight can fade colors or weaken the fabric.

How to Wash Lingerie with Lace?

can you wash lace in the washing machine by hand in a basin

Lace lingerie is particularly fine and needs some more special care to protect its structure and the delicate fibers:

Hand Wash: This kind of laundering is the most secure way to preserve lace underwear. Just lightly agitate and avoid rubbing the fine fabric where it’s possible.
Add mild detergent: Use specially formulated washing detergent for delicate fabrics to keep your lace underwear’s form.
Do not wring out: It’s not recommended to wring out lace lingerie, as this can change its shape. Just lightly squeeze out water, instead.
Lay it flat and air dry: Lay underwear on a towel and shape it to its right form before placing it to air dry flat.

Can I Wash My Bras in a Pillowcase?

how do you wash bras in the washing machine leave them air dry in shade

It’s better to wash bras in a pillowcase or laundry bag to prevent them from stretching:

Fasten hooks: Prior to place bras in a pillowcase or laundry bag, fasten the hooks to prevent them from catching on other items.
Pour mild detergent: Wash with a mild detergent, formulated for lingerie, to avoid any damage to the bras.
Set on gentle cycle: Set on delicate cycle to lower the agitation and prevent from potential damage.
Air dry in shade: After the cycle is finished, return the shape of the cups and straps of the bras and leave them outside to air dry in shade.

how to wash bras without getting them tangled in a pillowcase

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