Hair mistakes women over 50 make: Avoid these 5 bad habits in order to have beautiful hair!

by Anjelina

With age, in addition to the natural hair color, the hair structure also changes and thus, the care needs. However, it is always noticeable that most ladies simply continue with their usual care routine out of habit. We would like to explain to you what hair mistakes women over 50 make and how you should properly care for your mature mane in order to still look fresh, young and well styled.

Unattractive hairstyle is one of the biggest mistakes

unnatractive hairstyle is one of the biggest mistakes women over 50 make

A nondescript hairstyle that looks unattractive and boring is probably one of the biggest hair mistakes women over 50 can make. Instead, you should counteract the signs of aging with something peppy for a fresher and younger look. And by peppy, we don’t mean something extravagant. However, structure and texture should go hand in hand with matching color (and yes, that can be the natural gray).

There’s nothing wrong with continuing to let your hair grow, or tying it into a simple ponytail or chignon every now and then. But do not fall into a rut, but let your long, growing hair show off or enhance the ponytail with a simple hair jewelry.

New hairstyle that doesn’t suit the face

long silver hair women over 50 choosing the right haircut


And in the heat of the moment (looking for the right hairstyle), many forget that not only the hairstyle itself should please us. A big role is also played by the shape of the face, because in old age it looks quite different than a few years ago – it seems to be more angular (due to the low hyaluronic content in the skin), the facial features are no longer as soft as they once were. What you should do? Take a photo of your desired hairstyle with you, but also have it matched to your facial features. An experienced and good stylist will know exactly what to change in your desired hairstyle, so that it really suits you in the end.

Generally speaking:

  • The less of the hair that is visible, the more angular your face will appear, as it will be shown off to greater advantage. Strictly tied-back hair, for example, has this effect.
  • You can visually reduce facial edges by framing them with layers.
  • Bangs always go, but preferably not too short, so that you can hide forehead wrinkles and possible age spots right away. Up to just below the eyebrows is optimal.

Wrong and too many care and styling products

hair care products how to choose hair mistakes women over 50 make

Your hair care needs also change with age. Surely you have already noticed yourself that the structure of gray hair is different. Of course, this also changes the way you should care for your hair now – not only when you color it, but in any case.

Do not make the mistake of treating your hair with many different products, even if they are care products, and you actually mean well. In fact, this is exactly one of the most common hair mistakes that women over 50 make, in desperation to fight aging. What you’re accomplishing with all the conditioner and styling products is that your hair loses volume and looks flat. Therefore, try to reduce the use of such products as much as you can. The same goes for frequent washing with shampoo. If you have decided to wear your natural gray, you may include silver shampoo in your routine. You can use it once a week.

Hair mistakes women over 50 make – Not blow dry properly

blow drying properly round brush achieving volume

You want to get your hair straight and accordingly blow-dry it from the top down as you always have. Only that, from a certain age, you have to deal with a new problem. Because, as already mentioned, older hair loses natural volume and with this blow-drying technique you only make it worse.

Therefore, when blow-drying, use the right brush (whether you want to straighten your hair or just dry it). A boar-bristle brush is perfect for gently adding volume to your hairline. It is best to reach for a medium size.

Do not forget heat-protection spray!

long blonde hair ombre effect

Speaking of blow-drying… you’re not forgetting the immensely important heat-protection spray before heat styling, are you? Blow-drying, straightening, curling – all of these stress the hair, as you know, and mature hair contains even less collagen, which makes it even more sensitive. So forget about the false thinking “Oh, this one time won’t be so bad.”, because that’s exactly what will ruin your hair. And brittle, dry strands with split ends not only look unattractive in general, but will actually make you look older in the end – and that’s exactly what you want to avoid, right?

So avoid such fatal hair mistakes that women over 50 make and take care of your hair in time.

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