Blonde hair over 50: Which shades will make you look younger?

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The right hair color can shape your face and make you look younger. If you are a lady in her 50s and do not know what hair color to choose, always go for the lighter tones. They will go better with your natural gray hair that inevitably comes with age. In this article, we will talk about blonde hair over 50 and which shades will make you look younger!

Blonde hair over 50: Which shades will make you look younger?

blonde hair over 50 haircut trends and ideas

According to colorists, if you dye your hair after 50, it is best to resort to dimensional and natural colors, as they can soften facial features and hide gray strands. In other words, a blonde hair color that adds warmth to your mane will help you maintain your youthful appearance.

Light blonde with dark roots for a more youthful look

Light blonde with dark roots for a more youthful look


One of the best hair colors for women over 50 is a light blonde with a dark hairline. With this color you can rejuvenate your appearance by years. The blonde balayage brings out dimension for added texture with the help of the long layered hair. Although a light hair color with shadowy roots is easy to maintain, never forget to use a purple shampoo to avoid an unwanted brassy hue.

Beige-blonde shades perfectly harmonize with a darker root

blonde hair over 50 with dark roots short haircut

A beige-blonde hair color is great for women over 50, as the beige-blonde blends well with the natural, darker hairline. To get this color, ask your colorist for soft beige-blonde highlights. And if your hair is fine these days, check out which short haircuts for fine hair over 50 to try out in 2023!

Ash blonde hair color can perfectly hide the gray

ash blonde for women over 50 hair trends

Ash blonde hair for a 50 year old woman is the ideal shade to embrace their natural radiance. Cool highlights help disguise gray hair and add dimension to your hairstyle. A slanted bob accentuates the icy dark blonde tones in combination with warmer highlights underneath that suit a light skin tone.

Soft blonde hair over 50

soft blonde hair over 50 women haircut trends

A soft blonde can add texture to thinner locks and make them look fuller after styling. Also, soft blonde is the perfect shade of blonde for women over 50 as it gives the face a youthful look and makes it glow. The color is also very trendy and gives your look an extra touch of topicality. This hairstyle will go perfectly with a fringe. Check out what bangs to choose for a mature woman in 2023!

Honey blonde hair color can make you look younger

honey blonde hair color trends 2023

Blonde hair in your 50s – Now that you’re in your 50s, it’s never too late to explore new hair color ideas! Try honey blonde, which shows off beautifully with soft waves.

Note: One of the biggest advantages of gray hair is that it is easy and harmless to dye. While you had to bleach your dark hair in order to dye it blonde when you were young, this process can now be carried out easily, quickly and hair-friendly. If you still want to boost the shine of your curls (and as a conditioning treatment), you can always apply a little oil to the lengths of your hair.

Blonde hair over 50: Highlights to add dimension

women over 50 highlights hair color trends 2023

It’s never too late to play around with gorgeous hair colors, highlights and lowlights. A short bob hairstyle with a bold and dimensional bronze balayage suits a woman over 50. The dark hairline adds depth to the color and makes it easy to maintain. Team your trending shade of blonde with a halter-length bob and waves for an absolutely stunning result.

Classic blonde hair

classic blonde hair for women over 50 bob haircut

Why not play with a new hair color and try out an incredible classic blonde? It will surely upgrade your look. The shade will make your face shine.

Tip: To get this hair color you need to go to the hairdresser about every 7 weeks.

What mistakes to avoid when dyeing your hair?

what mistakes to avoid when dyeing your hair after 50

Coloring hair that is too damaged: Aging hair is weaker and less resilient, making it less easy to recover from damage. If you are already working with damaged hair, over coloring will cause hair breakage. Include a vegan conditioner in your hair care routine for a few weeks until your hair is a little stronger.

Going too far from your natural hair color: If you have aging hair, you should try to enhance your natural color and subtly conceal gray tones. When you introduce an entirely new color, your natural shade will fight until it oxidizes and turns into a brassy orange. Another thing that can make hair color look unnatural is a dark hairline.

Washing Your Hair Too Often: Every time you wash your hair, you strip color and moisture from it. As your hair ages, it loses its shine, and over-washing will only make it worse. Skip an extra day or two between washes and use dry shampoo on your days off.

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