What shade of blonde for women over 50 to choose in 2023? Check out the trends!

by Gabby

Being blonde over 50 is a magic trick! Your skin instantly looks brighter, your hair thicker, and you feel happier, sexier, more radiant, and all without makeup. The big decision here is whether you want to be less or more blonde. It mostly depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into your mane. Indeed, it is not only about the color. It is important to blond the locks strategically and responsibly to avoid damaging them. As you know, after 50 years, hair gets thinner, drier and more fragile. Here are 6 ideas for a rejuvenating shade of blonde for women over 50 to try out in 2023!

Blonde for women over 50 in 2023: Honey and caramel

should you go blonde after 50 caramel honey highlights

Dark blonde shades like honey and caramel are another way to go blonde without going over the top. In this case, it is essential to leave a brown root visible to produce a more natural and complementary effect, which makes the dark blond particularly successful with dark eyes and/or dark eyebrows. You can always add a few lighter streaks on top to enhance the color if needed. Ask for highlights, or balayage if you want less damage.

Sand blonde hair color

sand blonde hair color for women over 50


This elegant shade of blonde is sophisticated and quite authentic, if that’s your goal. It whispers rather than screams thanks to a mix of soft warm and cool tones that produce a kind of sandy, beige or creamy blonde. Soft blonde usually has a light brown or gray-brown base and muted highlights. This is a great blonde choice if you prefer neutral colors, understated makeup, and classic clothes. If you want some short haircut to try out with your blonde color, check out short hairstyles for fine hair over 50.

Ash blonde

ash blonde for women over 50 haircut color 2023 how to style it

It is indeed a bolder look and while not for everyone, it adds dimension and shine through highlights and highlights on brown or dark gray hair. The big difference here is the color silver rather than gold, although it’s still blonde. If you wear silver jewelry and have a lot of gray hair, ashy might be your shade. The catch is: Thanks to its cool tone, ash blonde doesn’t warm the skin, so it’s harder to wear from the age of 50, unless you have a vibrant complexion or don’t have any problem wearing blush to compensate. You will also need to bring along a purple shampoo to avoid faded tones. And if you feel inspired from the haircut with bangs, check out what long bangs for women over 50 to try out this year!

Strawberry blonde

what is strawberry blonde hair color for women over 50

Strawberry blonde is a mixture of two colors – red and blonde. It is a range of shades from light to medium with varying amounts of both tones. The coloring works like a big dose of peach-apricot blush, so pale or sallow skin tones that often feel “washed out” by blonde, could embrace its extra rosy effect. Richer reds and auburns also flatter more skin tones, but that’s another story. Don’t forget to take photos to the hair salon. You want strawberry blonde or possibly rose gold…not pure pink!

Sun blonde for women over 50

sun blonde for women over 50 hair color trends 2023


This Bohemian blonde look looks like it came right off the beach. The idea is to fake and exaggerate the sun-kissed hair you get from spending long days by the sea in the summer. This shade is more laid back than classic blonde, but it’s also a medium to high maintenance color. This is due to strategic layers of locks of different shades, carefully highlighted and painted. Sun blonde is a good choice if your mane is medium to long in length and you wear it loose and tousled or wavy to accentuate the multi-toned effect.

Platinum blonde for women over 50

platinum blonde for women over 50 hair color trends 2023

Indeed, dyeing your dark hair icy blonde is the most damaging thing you can do. So don’t. However, if over 50 your hair is more light grey/white, platinum highlights are a great idea. Ask your colorist to add sparkling highlights and pearlescent toner to lift your hair, brighten your skin, and banish any yellow or dullness. The idea is to blur the boundary between gray and blond. Why not?


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