Which short haircut for white hair is perfect for you? Here are 5 wonderful ideas!

by Kremy

Instead of wondering how to hide your white hair, why not improve your look? White hair is beautiful and we should all embrace it. Aging is natural and trying to conceal our natural beauty because of society’s high and unachievable standards…is a crime. My beautiful readers, today we are going to cheer ourselves up and get inspired by 5 gorgeous looks! So… Which short haircut for white hair is the perfect choice for you? Let’s see!

What is the best short haircut for white hair? 5 rejuvenating ideas!

short haircut for white hair women 60 years old

White hair is absolutely hypnotic, beautiful and enchanting. Like the elfish goddess that you are, you must come out of the woods and take back your kingdom. But to do that, you need a makeover! As we age, our hair becomes thinner, it loses its pigment and is harder to maintain. That doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful! I have handpicked the top 5 short haircuts for white hair according to experts and now I’m sharing them with you! If you like long hair, I totally support you! Long hair is gorgeous and you can style it in so many ways! However, short hair is easier to maintain and is very trendy in 2023. So if you have been wanting to change your hairstyle for a while, now is the time to do it! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to show you!

Short bob hairstyle

bob hairstyle for 60 year old women


For me, no hairstyle is more elegant and classier than the bob haircut. The way it frames the cheekbones and falls gracefully down the sides of the face is just… Mesmerizing! If you want to look refined and classy, this is the perfect hairstyle for you! There are so many different variations of the bob hairstyle… You can look at the French bob, the blogger bob, the layered bob haircut, the tapered bob, the bob with bangs, etc. Besides, it’s an excellent choice if you have wavy hair!

Short haircut for white hair: Pixie haircut

pixie haircut for gray hair

If you have a round, heart or diamond shaped face shape, then the pixie haircut will flatter you the most! For women with oval and long faces, it can be difficult to make it flattering. But it can look pretty if you add longer bangs or side bangs. This hairstyle gives a lot of volume and is easy to maintain in the morning, especially if you are late. Plus, it doesn’t take hours to dry, so you don’t have to worry about when to wash your hair: day or night. If you really want to cut your hair this short, try a free hair simulator to get a better idea!

Trendy bowl cut 2023

Trendy bowl cut 2023 short hairstyles for white hair

The bowl cut has a lot more texture than the pixie cut. And another good news? It’s one of the top hair trends for 2023! You can go short or long with bangs, it doesn’t matter! The thing is, this style is all the rage on the catwalks and if you want to bring some rejuvenating freshness to your look, this is the haircut for you!

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Lob cut (long bob hairstyle)

bob hairstyle women over 50


The short bob is awesome. However, being as short as Amélie Poulain isn’t for everyone. If you want to keep length while making a radical change, no problem, this is quite possible. The lob is basically a longer haircut that is graceful and enchantingly beautiful. You can style it in so many more different ways than the short bob. For example, by adding curls you will achieve a romantic and casual look at the same time. Giving it more volume with blow-drying will make it perfect whether you’re working in the office or attending a more formal event. You can tie it up in a chic bun and let some hair brush your cheeks in the front…

Hairstyle with bangs for women over 50

Hairstyle with bangs for women over 60

Finally… I’m going to let you in on a secret! Shhh… Come closer! Did you know that bangs can take 10 years off your face? It gives a youthful look to any woman (if done properly and not in front of the bathroom mirror after three glasses of wine). Bangs hide fine lines and wrinkles and, just like the bob haircut, frames your eyes and make them shine!




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