Frost Resistant Flowers: Keep a Blooming Oasis in Fall? Soften the Effect of Freezing Weather!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Even when the freezing weather is not so far, all hope of gardeners to keep a colorful and rich in blooms garden throughout the fall is not lost. Of course, a complete change in the concept and approach in plants’ care is needed in view of the changing weather. Being aware of this, how to select the suitable frost-resistant flowers, which fit to your green oasis? Can you help them keep blooming, softening the effect of harsh environment?

What Flowers Are Frost Resistant?

pansies in the garden flowers that survive frost

Plant researchers call “frost-resistant flowers” those that have unwound natural adjustment to bear cold temperatures and continue to flower even when frost is threatening to scorch their petals. These tough plants can bring a flair of grace and color to your garden long after many other blooms have perished in the cold:

  • The smiling pansies. They are a favorite selection for fall and winter gardens. The smiling “faces” of the charming pansies come in a palette of colors and can stand temperatures down to 20°F (-6°C). Their cold-hardy ability makes them great for growing in outdoor containers, in borders, or to serve as a ground cover.
  • Easy to grow siberian iris. The handsome flower under this name is not only frost-hardy, but low-maintenance. It has the power to bear winter weather and reward gardeners with its striking, though tender blooms, in a variety of shades.
  • siberian iris what flowers are frost resistantHeralding spring hellebores. These flowers, also known as Lenten roses, are famous for their latitude to cold. They flourish in temperatures that drop to 10°F (-12°C), and are often the first blooms that appear in late winter, announcing the coming of spring.
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hellebores frost resistant flowers

  • Frost-resistant flowers: Violas. Just like their close relatives, pansies, they are also a right choice when planting frost resistant flowers. With a similar look, violas can tolerate cold weather just like their cousins, pansies, and additionally bring a delicate scent. In warmer climates, you can see them blooming all winter long.

Frost Hardy Flowers for Fall

helenium frost resistant flowering plants (1)

As autumn progresses, and temperatures gradually decrease, it’s substantial to find frost resistant flowers, which to handle the fall’s cool weather. Here are some fascinating choices to plant in your fall garden:

  • Asters: These are another beloved fall blooms, that burst in bright shades of purple, pink, and blue. Asters are freeze hardy and go on blooming even after the first frost.
  • violets flowers asters what flowers are frost hardyHelenium: Its other name is sneeze weed, and it imports a warm touch to your autumn garden or yard, with its exciting blooms that flame in red, orange, and yellow. These tough plants are not afraid by frost and go on flowering undisturbed by the upcoming late autumn cold.

helenium frost resistant flowers

  • Chrysanthemums: Also known as mums, they are a classic autumn living decoration. They come in a rainbow of colors and begin to bloom actively in late summer and early fall. Chrysanthemums survive in light frost, making them a top embellishment for autumn green areas.

Are Marigolds Resistant to Frost?

marigolds flowers that can withstand frost

Marigolds can withstand light frosts, but a hard freeze with temperatures below 25°F (-4°C) may damage them. To defend them from frost, firstly consider planting the flowers in spring. Starting marigolds in this season, gives them time to establish their roots prior to the coming of first autumn frost. Lately, in fall, add a layer of mulch around the stems of the plants. This insulation is important for defending the roots from the recent freezing weather. When you expect frost at night, you should cover your marigolds with a cloth or frost blanket from sunset till next morning. The coverage will keep heat underneath and be a shelter against cold. Plant marigolds in areas of your green area, which are partly protected from wind and freezing temperatures, like next to buildings or fences.

Can We Say That Roses Are Frost-Resistant Flowers

canadian roses frost resistant flowers

Some species of this queen among flowers can stand cold temperatures better than the common types. There are some tips for looking after them in vulnerable to frost regions. The first recommendation is to find the rose varieties, which are known for their cold hardiness. These could be species like rugosa roses, Canadian types, and certain shrub roses. Then you should plant the bushes in a sheltered place, which is at least partly protected against frozen air and cold winds. It’s also important to mulch near the stems of rose shrubs in the late autumn to isolate the soil and guard the roots from freezing weather. The last thing is to trim your roses in late winter or early spring, when the bitter part of the weather has already passed. This helps to cut off all the damaged by the freeze stems and boost new growth.

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