What to Prune in September: Which Shrubs and Trees to Trim? Apply Most Fruitful Technique!

by Snezhana Besarabova

In the beginning of autumn, the trees and bushes that shed their leaves, can be revived and made more fruitful with thoughtful pruning of damaged and diseased branches. The higher visibility of tree brunches in fall helps to define clearly what exactly to trim. Are you aware of what to prune in September, and for which plants the procedure is vital? What is the right technique to perform trimming the best?

Is Autumn a Good Time to Prune?

what to prune in september trees that should be trimmed in fall

As the summer heat begins to decline, gardeners and homeowners often find themselves planing the task of pruning their shrubs and trees. While trimming is useful for bettering the health and overall view of your landscape, timing is substantial. September notches up the shifting to autumn, raising queries about where it’s suitable to command those pruning shears, or what to do with them in the garden.

Pruning Trees in September

can you prune trees in september fruit trees without apples


Autumn proposes a unique chance to prune certain species of trees. The question is what to trim in September, for which kinds of plants this process is necessary? The action should be specially beneficial for trees, shedding their leaves in the fall. As they begin to turn in yellow and orange colors, and drop, the structure of these plants get going more visible. This enhanced visibility makes it simpler to find out problematic branches, which should be taken off. When trimming deciduous trees in fall, take care of the “three Ds”: dead, damaged, and diseased wood. Cutting these parts can stop the decay process, and the distribution of diseases. Also, crossed branches, causing friction and possible injury, can be addressed. Trimming in fall also makes the tree to focalize its energy on curing wounds and growing in strong branches through the dormant cold months. Just be careful not to prune more than it’s needed, as taking off too many wood can stress the tree and lower its capacity to store nutrients for the coming winter months.

Can I Trim Bushes in September?

what to prune in september shrubs that need to be trimmed before winter comes (1)

Are you sure what to prune in September among bushes and shrubs? These plants need a little bit of cutting during autumn. Though, the way to do this on bushes is different from that on trees. Instead of hard pruning, concentrate on lightly keeping their shape and height under oversight. Before to start the procedure, take a look at the bushes and determine which branches have grown too long or have become leggy. They can be cut back to stimulate new growth and a healthier look. Also, trim any lifeless or ill branches to stop the spread of the damage to the other parts of the plant. When trimming branches of bushes, do not cut into old wood, as much as you can. As this can lead to fewer flowers and growth next season. Instead, bend on removing newer growth, which inflicts lack of balance or accumulation of branches within the bush.

What Should You Not Cut Back in Autumn?

what to prune in september do not trim evergreens

While fall trimming gives its benefits, there are some shrubs and trees, which should be left unaffected during this season. Evergreens, for instance, are best to be cut in their vigorous growing phase in the spring and early summer. Trimming them in the fall can impede their capability to prepare for cold months, because they need all their leaves to gather sunlight and keep energy. Likewise, spring-flowering plants, which develop blossoms on old branches, such as lilacs and forsythias, should not be trimmed in the fall. As, if you prune, this would cut off the future flower buds, resulting in a poor blooming season the next year. Fruit trees also demand thoughtful consideration. Apples and pears, for example, should be trimmed during their sleeping season in winter to hearten bountiful fruit production and proper form. Trimming them in fall could upset their fruiting potential and harmonious growth.

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What to Prune in September: Roses

is it ok to prune shrubs in september especially roses with proper techniques

September can be an appropriate time to prune and form your rose bushes, enhancing their growth, health, and blooming. Let’s see how to do it:

  1. Evaluate the rose plants. Prior to start the trimming, take a close look at your rose shrubs. Assign any dead or diseased stems, which should be removed.
  2. Take the right tools. Protect yourself with a pair of sharp and clean pruning shears and gloves to keep your hands away from contact with thorns.
  3. Begin with lifeless and ill wood. Start by cutting out all dead and ill canes. Make clear-cuts at a 45-degree, about ¼ in (0.6 cm) over an outward-facing bud or node.
  4. Cut crossing and rubbing branches. Now, look for the branches, which are crossing or rubbing against each other. Choose the best and sturdy cane, which to keep, and then cut out the others.

what to prune in september trees that should be trimmed in fall

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