Gradient Blonde Hair: All You Need to Know for This Effect!

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Are you a natural blonde that is in a desperate need for some change? Or a brunette that wants to transform herself for the upcoming season? No matter what, blonde hair is better when gradient! But, what is gradient blonde hair? Is it better to try ombre or balayage? What is the difference? How to achieve the gradient effect with highlights?

gradient blonde hair balayage ombre effect highlights

What Is a Gradient Hair Color?

Gradient hair colors has been around for ages now and many women are taking the plunge and trying one out. Essentially, the gradient effect is when you go from a darker color at the roots and slowly transfer to lighter shades. The best example for it would be the ombre or balayage. According to many hair stylists, the same effect can be achieved with highlights. Nowadays, many women prefer them, since they are less damaging to the hair. However, the gradient illusion is not the same. Today, we are going to focus on the gradient blonde hair and how can you get this seamless hairstyles that we are all loving currently. We are also going to explain the difference in depth, so you can make the best decision for yourself when dyeing your hair.

gradient blonde hair how to do it ideas


Gradient Brown to Blonde Hair

gradient brown to blonde hair 2023 hairstyles women trends

Going from brown to blonde is not an easy task. Many of us have tried and failed, unfortunately. That’s why it is better to trust a professional, so he can give you the best options according to your hair type and texture. One of the easiest ways to make this transformation is if you don’t dye your roots. This way you are protecting the hair from more damage and you are not risking its health. You can go for a balayage and gradually adapt blonde shades that are closer to your natural brown one. When doing balayage, you ensure that the gradient effect will be more seamless.

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Gradual Blonde Balayage with Golden Highlights

gradual blonde balayage with golden highlights

Are you in the hunt for a gradual blonde balayage that will make your hair look stunning? I think you just found the one! This balayage in particular is achieved by the classic technique, however the hairdresser have added some lighter blonde highlights and others that have this golden shine and undertone. This is made so it can add dimension to the hair and also movement. It will instantly make it look healthier and thicker. As you can see the roots are kept in their natural dark colors, which means that the hair will stay healthier for a longer period of time.

Gradual Brown to Blonde Ombre with Money Piece Highlights

gradual brown to blonde ombre with money piece highlights

I’m sure you are familiar with ombre hairstyles and what are they exactly. However, for some women it is hard to distinguish the balayage from ombre. As I mentioned earlier, the balayage will give you a more seamless gradient effect. When adapting ombre hairstyle the colors are showing more and you can easily tell the line, where the other color starts. If you want to do ombre and have a dark blonde hair, try doing lighter shades and money piece highlights. They will frame your face and make you look snatched, without even have to wear make up all the time!

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Blonde Ombre Hairstyle with Highlights

blonde ombre hairstyle with highlights

Are you tired of seeing the same ombre hair everywhere on the Internet? It has become a pretty basic style, if we have to be completely honest. However, the hair stylists have done it once again! They have figured out a way to spice things up with the ombre, without forgetting completely the classic way of doing it. So, their advice is to add babylights or highlights that start from the root of the hair. By doing so, the gradient effect will look even better and your hair will have movement and depth. With that being said, it will also create the appearance of fuller and thicker hair! We tell you this ombre with highlights can do wonders!

Ash Blonde Balayage with Layers and Money Piece Highlights

ash blonde balayage with layers and money piece highlights

Now, this is what we like to call “the ultimate gradient blonde hair”! Why, you may ask? Because it goes to every natural blonde or brunette out there, who is ready to try out some layers. The layers play a huge role for the gradient effect to be so effortless and stunning. We certainly advise you to go for the ash blonde and do a balayage with a subtle lighter shade.

2023 Gradient Blonde Hair Ideas

face framing money piece highlights gradient balayage blonde hair

Ash Brown with Blonde Gradient Highlights

babylights for natural brunettes gradient blonde hair

Golden Ombre Hair Color with Gradient Effect

golden ombre hairstyle gradient blonde effect women

Honey Blonde Balayage with Money Piece Babylights

golden blonde gradient hair balayage

Layered Haircut with Gradient Blonde Color and Face-Framing Highlights

gradient blonde hair face framing effect money piece

Face-Framing Blonde Balayage

honey glazed ash brown balayage with face framing highlights

Ombre Effect Hair Color with Babylights

ombre with highlights for blonde hair and face framing effect


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