How to Remove Wrinkles from Leather Jacket: The 5 PROVEN Methods

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Everybody have or had a leather jacket in their closet. It is definitely a staple piece for many of us and the best part is that they never go out of style. You can wear it with literally anything and it will make you look fashionable. But, how to prevent it from not getting wrinkles? If you didn’t manage to do so, there is still a chance for you to remove them and make it look brand-new. How to remove wrinkles from leather jacket? What are the proven methods that actually work?

How to Remove Wrinkles from Leather Jacket: The Ultimate Guide

how to remove wrinkles from leather jacket easy methods

Getting a high quality leather jacket can be one of your best purchases. However, you have to always read the instructions on how to maintain it, wash it and save it from getting wrinkles. If your leather jacket is already getting wrinkles, don’t just throw it away and run to buy a new one. Instead, learn how to make it look like you just got it from the store. With these methods that we are about to share with you, you are going to save your favorite jacket and keep on wearing it for a longer period of time. Let’s see how to remove the creases with ease!

Is It OK to Iron a Leather Jacket?

The first thing that comes to mind when you see wrinkles somewhere on your clothing is to iron them. But, as you may know already, the high quality leather is a delicate material that doesn’t allow you to treat it as you would do with the rest of the fabrics. Ironing a leather jacket is usually not suggested. However, there’s a way for you to try it without damaging the jacket.

is it ok to iron a leather jacket


First, we highly recommend avoiding the iron and use a clothing steamer instead. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  • Hang your leather jacket.
  • Grab the steamer and set it on the lowest temperature.
  • From a distance, start steaming your jacket.
  • Pad dry if necessary.

Get Rid Of The Wrinkles with Cold Water

It is a proven that cold water can really help you remove wrinkles from leather. Why cold, you may ask? Because if the water is warm it can cost damage and the leather will become loose. Some people even add rubbing alcohol and make a solution, but that doesn’t work for every leather out there. These are the instructions to follow:

  • Take a washing cloth and wet it with very cold filtered water.
  • The water that you are using should be very clean, you have to keep that in mind.
  • Gently start going through your jacket.
  • Wait for a bit and then pad dry. Don’t leave the water for too long!

how to remove wrinkles from leather with cold water

Easily Get The Wrinkles Out by Stretching

This is one of the easiest methods to try out at home. If you want something quick and you don’t have that many wrinkles on your jacket, try this method before you try anything else.

  • Hang your jacket somewhere on a sturdy hanger.
  • Wherever you see creasing, start pulling gently and stretch it a bit.
  • Make sure you are not pulling roughly, since you want to avoid any damage.
  • Leave the jacket hanging for a bit.

The Heavy Books Method

Can you use heavy books to remove wrinkles on your jacket? Yes! This old proven method can actually help your jacket to look like you just got it from the store. What to do with the books?

  • Place your jacket on a hard surface somewhere. The surface should be completely flat as well.
  • Grab some of your heaviest books and place them over the jacket.
  • Leave them for a couple of hours or overnight for better results.

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Can You Remove Wrinkles from a Leather Jacket in The BATHROOM?

Yes, I know this may shock you, however you can actually remove wrinkles from your leather jacket by hanging it in the bathroom. Why the bathroom you may ask? Because of the steam of course! The steam in the bathroom is not that hot as if you use a steamer or an iron. This means that you can use the steam for a gentle way to remove the creases from your jacket.

  • Hand your jacket somewhere in the shower, away from the water. You can hand it where the towels are.
  • Take a hot shower as you normally would.
  • When getting out of the shower, close the door and leave the jacket in there for a bit.
  • The steam from the shower will remove the creases.
  • If the jacket is a bit wet, pad it dry completely.

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remove wrinklees from leather jacket in the shower hot steam methods ideas easy

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Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Wrinkles from a Leather Jacket

If you want to keep wearing your jacket for a long time, you have to learn how to properly take care of the leather. That’s why it is essential to avoid making mistakes when removing the wrinkles, because the results can be catastrophic.

  • Never place the iron directly onto the leather. This will burn it and the jacket will be damaged.
  • Don’t use a blow-dryer to remove the wrinkles. The hot area will ruin the leather.
  • Avoid using hot water to remove the creases. The hot water can stretch the leather and your jacket will end up looking deformed.

Follow these methods to ensure that your favorite leather jacket will look clean and new. Avoid using methods that aren’t proven and don’t experiment.

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mistakes to avoid when removing wrinkles from a leather jacket

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