What NOT to Wear to Avoid Looking Older: Clothes for Women Over 70

by Gabby

In the fashion world, trends are moving faster than light itself… And if we try to keep up with everything, we might lose track and get confused. I always like to say that there are no rules and you can dress however you want and feel comfortable. But, there are certain clothes that make women look older. What are the clothes for women over 70 that makes you look older? What to avoid wearing at all cost? How to make sure you look 10 years younger?

What NOT to Wear to Avoid Looking Older: Clothes for Women Over 70

clothes for women over 70 what not to wear to avoid looking older

Fall is finally here, so we can dive into your wardrobes and really find the clothes that we can say “goodbye” to. There are certain items that are not appropriate for your silhouette, or their pattern will make you look a few years older. To avoid that, you have to know what looks good and what are the clothes that you SHOULD wear instead. We have gathered some of the best examples that will give you an idea.

Starting with the first one – avoid wearing big fluffy jackets. Yes, they might feel comfy and easy to wear in the colder days. However, they will not only make you look older, but it can add a few kilograms to your figure. Instead…

clothes for women over 70 fall 2023 fashion


Try wearing a nice cozy sweater that will warm you up and a coat that will elongate your figure. It will make you look slimmer and also it is very chic. Knowing how to play with colors is also essential. Our advice is to always stick to similar shades.

Less is More

what to avoid wearing for women over 70

Women love adding different accessories or clothes with patterns to spice things up. However, sometimes “less is more”! The minimalistic outfits can be what you need to look chic at any age. You don’t have to go over the top with colors to get that youthful look.

simple fall outfits for women over 70

Do you see how a simple dress can make a big difference in how you look? This is certainly the more youthful outfit, without having to wear a blazer with a crazy pattern. Now, if you are still going somewhere outside and you need a jacket, a simple monochrome blazer or a denim jacket will do the trick.

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Avoid Wearing Long Coats with a Pattern

how to wear winter coat for women over 70

These long coats that look like a blanket were trendy at some point, however, for women over 70 they can be risky. They can make you look shorter and can make you look aged.

fashion for women over 70 fall trends 2023

The goal is to always add a youthful element to your outfit. If you love wearing long outwear, then it should be something playful and fresh like this floral trench coat.

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How to Wear Pleated Skirt Over 70?

how not to wear a pleated skirt over 70

Wearing a pleated skirt with a cardigan can definitely have that “school teacher” vibes. It looks comfortable and easy to wear, however the silhouette doesn’t seem fitting. Instead…

pleated skirt for women over 70 outfit fall trends 2023

Play with different textures and silhouettes just like shown on the photo. You can still wear a cardigan, but a shorter one. Put a belt on to snatch the waist and make sure you add a longer blazer. This outfit feels very Dior, if you ask me.

Should You Wear Black Over 70?

should you wear black over 70 outfit ideas fall 2023

Experts always say that the color that age you the most is black. I know women often prefer it, because it is easy to style and it always looks chic. But for the mature ladies out there that want to look younger, you have to start avoiding it more.

clothes for women over 70 that will make you look younger

If you are going to wear black, then make sure you add some color in there too. We are going to let you in on a little secret – red is the color for this Fall 2023, according to fashion designers and style gurus. Adding a bit of color to your all-black outfit will instantly make you look better!

Don’t Mix and Match Different Patterns

avoid wearing different patterns for women over 70

I know this look might look super chic and youthful at first, but mixing and matching different patterns is not always a good idea. The outfit becomes less elegant and it doesn’t look good.

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stripped cardigan for women over 70 outfits fall 2023

Instead, turn the pattern into a staple piece and make it stand out! A monochrome outfit with a stripped cardigan looks chic and sophisticated for women at any age.

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Skirts Over 70

mistakes to avoid when wearing skirts over 70 women fall fashion 2023

Satin midi skirts are currently a total hit in the fashion world. But if not styled correctly, you might make it look like a “grandma” skirt. Avoid wearing it with long blouses that will give it that appearance.

how to wear a midi skirt over 70

Try adding a little edge to the satin skirt with a leather jacket for example. You can still wear it with sneakers for a youthful look. Just take a look at the necklace – it adds that finishing touch!

Be Careful With Your Silhouette

what to avoid wearing in the winter for women over 70

In the Fall/Winter time we often stack our clothes to feel warm, but we might end up looking bulky. Add the dull colors and you can end up looking a few years older… To avoid that…

how to dress this fall 2023 for women over 70 ideas outfit inspirations

Keeping up with the trends is not always a bad idea, especially if the result is a younger-looking appearance. Get yourself a nice coat that will elongate your silhouette.


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