Gardening on the balcony – fresh design ideas for your personal oasis

by Kremy

Balcony plants gardening design ideas

We offer you some fresh ideas on how you can transform your home into a green oasis in the city. Gardening on the balcony is an easy task – as long as you follow some simple rules.

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Gardening on the balcony should basically follow the same rule as in the garden. Here are basically two options available – you can plant boxes or pots, hang them on the wall or on the railings, or you can plant the entire wall / floor. The first option is loved by many because it offers some flexibility, while the second one should be used by gardeners who already have some experience. If you choose plants for the balcony, have in mind how big the space is. There are some flowers that require more space. Evergreen plants will look beautiful even in winter, while seasonal flowers will decorate the balcony only in a particular season. Climbing plants will no longer meet the privacy function in winter – so you need to think about this in advance.

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The second option for gardening on a balcony is to make a green wall. This is especially good for small balconies because it gives a certain flexibility. If you wish, you may possibly also create a lawn, so the space is transformed into a real small garden. Lucky owners of a roof balcony, can feel free to experiment – and make a real garden. Our tip – watch out that the plants / flowers can remain outdoors in winter – otherwise you risk a crowded apartment. Be inspired by these ideas – we hope you enjoy!

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Grass gardening on the balcony modern design

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Climbing plants design ideas

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Trees flowers fresh decorating ideas

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